My way or the highway



Motorists especially those on two wheeler’s (Motorcycle) have no sense and respect for Traffic Signals. They almost seem ignorant of the lights as though they are meant only for 4 wheeler’s and other vehicles. My angst is against those two wheeler – motorcycle rider who think they own the road and everything in between. I have tried to outline the type of motorcyclist one would experience while in the city that never sleeps.

  1. Your Father what going – These are the ones who have no respect to road safety and would care less if they were riding their vehicles in your house. They will honk and continue to honk for no reason. They rather carry the helmets on their arms instead of wearing them on the head. The head gear is for a style statement and not for protecting the grey matter.
  2. My Fathers road – These riders were born to ride. For them every road belongs to their father or to them. They will ride right in the middle of the road without bothering to let you go by. They may either be in full speed but at times they are just slow enough to stall the traffic behind especially if they are in the mood of enjoying the traffic around. In a traffic jam, you can see these motorcyclist doing acrobats on the footpath. So what’s a footpath it’s a pavement or sidewalk where pedestrians should be walking. But these motorcyclist have no empathy for those on foot and plunge their motorcycle on their path without a second thought.
  3. Living on the edge – These are the stuntman’s, they will strut their motorcycles as though they were the only riders on the road and on a motorcycle circuit. Valentino Rossi would be embarrassed by looking at some of their antics. They have a brain of their own, they will cut lanes at the last minute which will make others lose sense of direction and control of their vehicles. These are daredevils who think it is their birth right to put their and others lives at risk. So long as they can drag, do near cartwheels with their motorcycle, or practice leaning in on a busy traffic they are not bothered of the weak nerves of other motorists or their lives. They think on the lines of here today and gone tomorrow, a life is worth a penny.
  4. Long lost Friends – These are the ones that seem to be brimming with a lot of love and friendship & brotherhood towards each other. Basically its two motorcycles ridding together. The riders oblivious to other cars or pedestrian, lost in deep conversation and eye contact. They zig zag on a road that would have lots of vehicles wanting to press the gas pedal but alas! are unable to do so due to the sheer PDA showered by one rider towards the other. I often wonder why can’t these guys celebrate their friendship elsewhere and let roads be for what they are meant to be.
  5. Space Shuttle – These are the crazy motorcyclist who ride with a measuring tape with them. They ride or at most walk with their bike so close the vehicle I almost feel that the vehicle is going to scrape the other vehicle, but voila they are able to move through without a scratch. Any sight of space now is gone in the next second. They will ensure maximum utilization of space, even if it means inconveniencing other motorists. Its not their responsibility if their motorcycles do scrape the others vehicle. The other vehicles should make way for them cause they are two wheelers and don’t use much space.
  6. Passing the buck – These are those, for whom, everyone else is at fault and they are the best riders in the world. If they crash against another vehicle or pedestrian it’s the other persons fault. They always have someone or something to blame if ever they are caught.
  7. Vroom Vroom – These are those who care less about biking and more about showing off. They will roar down the streets at full speed with no thought for others on the road. Their mean machines making the loudest and at times the ugliest sounds that one can hear. It’s not so much about the sound as much it is about the speed at which they ride their motorcycles. Dangerous for themselves and others.

These motorcyclist, I am sure have learnt riding from their friends, parents but they have forgotten to teach them is road safety and to share the road with others. I am sure many would agree with me on the above points. I am unsure if this city would be a better place with replacing motorcycle with bicycle as the riders would still do some of the above stunts. So what is needed a change in mindset of how one sees riding motorcycle.