Dream A New Dream!!!


It’s tough to go through life without a purpose or a dream…I have a dream a song to sing…..these beautiful lyrics are profound if only we took time to understand them…

It’s never too late to dream a new dream and to live it, I read somewhere…but no one told me it was difficult to transition from one dream to a new dream. What’s the purpose of my life…where am I headed …What is my identity,,, who is my true self….What do I want in this life.. are some conversations that we all need to have with ourselves.

I am not in a beauty pageant and no I don’t want to make a greener world..then what is it that is me….That makes me unique….I still don’t know…but what I do know is what I am not….I am not Margaret Thatcher, I am not Helen Keller… who am I….. What I know is that, I am not mean and I don’t want to hurt anyone.

What I have realized that we all go through life and stuff happens…but how we react to life is very important…No point crying over spilled milk, but what you can do is know what you have learnt from life and move on.. no point worrying about tomorrow,  because tomorrow will have its own share of adventures… The best thing to do is enjoy the present.(also the gift :-))

I do have a bucket list in life ….…I am beginning to see a new dream…its at the horizon and is beginning to take shape….

We generally take Gratitude for granted. I have realized the importance of gratitude and the power of positive words. I am grateful for a lot of things in my life…because something I learnt the hard way was that if you are not grateful and appreciating of what you have now,  you will never have what you want, simply because you don’t appreciate what you have today.

What I know for sure is…..

I think one of my favourite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence… Thank You friends for being a part of my life.

At times you forget the lyrics of your song and your friends remind you by singing the lyrics back to you..

Sometimes, all it takes to put you back on the path to success is the right attitude…

I enjoy living in the moment…tomorrow will take care of itself..not meaning that you have to throw caution to the wind and not be prepared. You do what is required from you the rest leave to God to take control….

Life is at a crossroads it’s my choice to take the course I want. It’s time to be in the Driver’s seat and to dream a new dream….

This song by Katy Perry summarizes it all….Fireworks



Night flight. Jet aircraft over the sea at dusk.

I was all set for my holiday… it was a long awaited vacation and I was looking forward to it for some time……

My baggage in tow I was headed to the check in counter. The crew member sweetly asked me if I would prefer a window seat and I said yes…with my baggage handed over, I waited to board the flight..

I was on my way to the amazing Goa…..Go Goa Gone as some would like to say :-)….

I was seated near the window near the wings.. as we took off, I had the most breath-taking view of Mumbai, the take-off was so smooth I didn’t realize that we were en route and in air already….The Pilot must have been a good spirit and was showing off his flying skills.:-) 🙂 He tilted the plane to one side and announced the Mumbai sea line view. It was the most breath-taking view I have seen from a flight. I could hear the engine vrooming but that meant nothing because the view was so breath taking…I could see the sand line, the gentle waves smashing against the sand rocks…it almost felt that the sea was being rocked to sleep…..or better still the seashore and sea were waltzing to a beautiful song….

The flight was the best ever, it seemed that we just took off and were ready to land in no time…it was a perfect landing…

As we drove down the roads of Goa.. the topography difference is noticeable…colourful houses…pink, yellow, red, green you name it and you will get a match for the colour shade card…

A gentle rain started to fall and I could hear the pitter patter rain drops…there was more tingling the swish of the air, it was a strong whiff of wind that hit my face time to time…..The smell of the sea was in the air and I knew my vacation was going to be awesome…

It’s a difficult choice to make between Goa and Kerala (Gods own city) as I like both cities, but my heart is towards Goa….This place is almost magical…..The sussegad (lazy slow) life and fast (pub / night life ) culture co exists….

The greenery during the rains were made for some beautiful Instagram moments… Life is awesome……

Pass it on…..


All the best Madam! Is what he said and left.. I asked myself why??? He didn’t know where I was going. He didn’t know what my day looked like . All he did was ferry me from my home to office in a rickshaw. But  what he said hit a chord in me…

There are numerous people we meet every day and I asked myself have I touched anyone’s life…My words, my actions impact others every day, whether I realize it or not. This was just reinforced in an conference I recently went to. A conference where I least expected to hear something on this subject….

The speaker said, what we do what we say impacts others even if we don’t intend to. Infact he said what you don’t do or say also impact others. I told myself wow!!! this is so profound….. what this means that I have the power to impact a lot people every day and impact them in positive way……Have I used these powers appropriately??Have I used this powers to help others?? There were a lot of questions in my head…

I read Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) many years back and he had eluded to favour bank which talks about doing something good or helping others. It creates an emotional bank deposit which could be drawn upon in the future in your favour. Though while you do the act you don’t necessarily expect anything in return. It was the same concept being said in different words that firstly you just do your good works and don’t expect something in return and someday those people will come to you. Also be open to all around you. It was such a dejavu moment almost felt that what I believed and thought about is being narrated back to me..

Now I am in search of someone so I can do a good deed and pass along some goodness…..This world will be a better place.