Compass – Contrive to accomplish

Using a compass underwater is very tricky, not because it is difficult to operate but because you lose sense of direction. On land, you have some landmarks, signs and you are able to identify if you are headed in the right direction. Underwater you may not have any landmarks, it may just be water around you and so there is no way to know if you are headed in the right direction. Over confidence is the other issue, it is possible that you may believe in your own abilities and swim forward in a straight line, but if you glance at the compass you will know you have drifted off course. So when underwater it is very important that you check the compass from time to time to ensure you can make the adjustment and are headed in the right direction.

Direction & focus is very important in achieving our Goals. We get distracted by stuff that happens in life and lose our sense of direction and the goal altogether. So it’s important to revisit the compass and identify if you are reaching closer to your goal or not. Lets take an eg – if the goal is to be fit, you may have a well laid plan for a diet, work out etc. Your compass is likely to be your BMI, body energy and how your body adapts to this routine, if you pay attention to this compass you will know if you are on track. However life is not always a dream and its possible your routine may go off schedule, sleepovers with friends, family function, parties, hectic work schedules including stuff that needs your immediate attention may take priority. Our body is programmed for flight or fight and in both these modes our body behaves differently and we prioritize everything that we think is urgent and important and forget about our goal.

It is also possible that you may be successful to follow the routine however after sometime you miss looking at the compass (BMI) and little do you know that your diet / workout has changed subtly. You feel confident in your own ability and dismiss the compass, it is only one fine day it dawns on you that your efforts have been in vain and now you may have to re-do everything again. So it’s very important that you review your compass (BMI) periodically.

Whatever your goal it’s important that you have guiding principles or a compass that can tell you if you are headed towards your goal. It’s clear many of us get disillusioned by other things that demand our attention and we lose our focus and lose interest in our Goal and it stays on the back burner. During these times ask yourself why I want this Goal, what will happen if I don’t achieve it, what will happen if I achieve it. If there is no passion to the above questions it’s likely that your Goal is frivolous and has no meaning. However if there is passion then it’s important that you have a compass that can help you stay on course.

Like a good diver, you may want to chart your path in advance, while the actual situation under water or in real life may vary, at least it gives you a sense of what to expect ahead and you can plan accordingly. As you chart the route you may identify small milestones on the way, achieving these can be very fruitful and can give further impetuous to the Goal.

It is also important to remember that a compass is also not error free, so you can use the compass as an instrument but you should also rely on your intuition and your inner self. So take the time out chart your course, follow your compass, and if the compass breaks down, follow your instinct.

You don’t throw a compass overboard because the ocean is calm


Life is a roller coaster ride, where sometimes you are not in control but what you can do is to hold on to the guardrails and enjoy the ride.

No one including myself can tell you your worth. I have seen you evolve into a wonderful human being, with time you have evolved from being a daughter, a girl, a woman a wife and now a mother. You have played these roles with aplomb. You have a side that all are aware of, a side that few are exposed to and a side that only you know.  You don’t speak your feelings coz your action is louder than words. You come across as someone who is staunch without emotions. But you are equally strong and have a sensitive side that you and those close to you know. You are at your creative best when you are in the zone, there is a madness that only you and those close to you have experienced it, will know. There is a child in you willing to play games, an adult willing to make the tough calls, a mother teaching life skills to her child.

There is a bounce in your step which signifies your self-confidence you are unnerved by situations and you make it sound so easy. You break down the problems and take on the situation one part at a time and while doing so there is not a flicker of discomfort on your face. I admire your professional and emotional maturity there is style statement in everything that you do.

I don’t know how you do it but you are able to prioritize and balance everything so well, work, play, family. There is a sense of pride in what you do which does not clash with the way you treat others. Even strangers are bound to be touched by your thoughtfulness and care. There is no way they can escape from your warmth and welcoming nature.

Your commitment to work and dedication is undeniable and this not because you earn a salary but because you are bound by your principles and your love for your calling and to do what is best. You are called head strong – and yes you are, it’s because of this determination that you have reached where you are today, it is your strength. While being head strong, you are suave in the way you deal with difficult situations and people. I am inspired by your grit towards life.

During uncertainties and difficult times, you are able to think on your feet. You are full of ideas, the analogy that comes to my mind is that of an oasis in a barren desert. You are able to provide another dimension where none existed, or at least everyone felt none existed.

Your thoughtfulness and selflessness is something which touches everyone. During day to day existence all of us think of what is beneficial to ourselves, while you do that too, your selflessness is displayed and you ensure that your wants and beliefs don’t hurt others.

You have a strong sense of self awareness and where you are headed, it’s a trait that very few have, don’t lose that. It is this self-awareness and purpose in life which ensures that you are on track and aware of your being. This is an important life skill that you have harnessed and knowingly and unknowingly you use it in your everyday life.

When your soul is not aligned with your thought or with what is happening around you, you feel lost, frustrated and out of control. Remind yourself that sometimes you don’t need to be in control, everything has a time and after night there is day. Give yourself some slack you don’t be critical of yourself, you are the best version of who you are. You are doing your best, its easy to look around and be disappointed for all the wrong that’s happening but it’s important to be grateful for all the good that is around. I know that you have nothing but sincere gratitude for everything and I feel encouraged by your attitude.

You have positively impacted a lot of people around of you, some of whom will let you know for others it may be in passing. Remember that all the goodness you spread it will come back to you. You are blessed and you deserve more and it will come to pass in time. Your words of encouragement is encountered by many, you desire to make this world a better place is evident in the way treat others and develop others.

To me you are superwoman who wears her vest and encounters life every day.