What a feeling – You can have it all!


Everything happens for a reason,

So we have to understand everything has a season.

We are all created for a purpose,

So not sure whats all the fuss.

Coz we all have talent in surplus,

We all have gifts that we are meant to share,

And show the hurting world we care.


What is it that you can give,

Know that’s what you came to live.

We all have a purpose,

Ask yourself what it is,

And you will find the life’s keys.

It will unlock all happiness in store,

Love, Peace, Success, Health & More.


What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Remember in life there is no rewind.

Make the best of your now time,

Before it’s too late and you are beyond your prime.

Everything happens for a reason,

So we have to understand everything has a season.



I’ll be watching you…


I was at Niagara Falls enjoying the sight of the world’s 8 wonder. It was wonderful, I went the untraditional way of touring, I was doing this by myself. So I had decided to trek the entire Niagara beauty, watch the falls, the cove, the whispering all of it on foot …

As I was taking in the sights and wandering around I lost sight of civilization…That’s when I met him or rather he saw me first. Coz I was oblivious to his presence. His deep eyes – I will never forget it conveyed protection and the want of just being there.

Today when I look back at the episode it was foolish of me to walk around especially when there was no other person in sight. I trudged along the pathway and he followed me. It was almost like a bond was created at first sight. I walked around and I stopped to click pictures or just to take in the beauty, he walked beside me. He stopped when I stopped, he was walking in slow strides and kept pace with me. At one point I almost felt him brush past me, but I didn’t mind him. It was almost like he was protecting me and wanted to ensure that I was not lost or that I didn’t go astray.

It was afternoon and I was hungry all I carried were some energy bars, I decided to take a short break in a Bus shelter. I turned to share the energy bar with my new friend but he didn’t seem interested. That’s when I started talking to him asking him why he was walking by my side. I didn’t feel threatened but quite the opposite it was good to have someone for company. I studied his features, he looked slightly old, his fur was thin, I wondered how he managed to protect himself in such icy temperatures. While he didn’t say anything, I could see it in his eyes, he was just content sitting next to me.

Then it was time to move again, I called him Bruno (amour, protection), he wagged his tail as he walked ahead of me. Towards the extreme end I saw the river, that’s where we discovered squirrels a lot of them. Both Bruno and I started chasing them, in an attempt to catch them. Bruno was having a field day, so was I. it was wonderful being all by self, with nothing else other than Bruno, the squirrels and the nature.

We wandered around for a bit, my feet had begun hurting and it was getting chillier by the minute. I knew it was time to get back to the Tower house. That’s when I saw the bus making the turn. I asked the driver he was going back to the Tower house, he said yes. So I got into it…it was completely empty. The driver got down for a smoke as I made myself comfortable in the bus. And there was Bruno sitting and waiting by the bus. I said Thank You to him and he just looked at me. As the Bus purred to life,, I looked at Bruno one final time to say goodbye, but had begun walking towards the other side. He didn’t look back.

It was a very different connection even though it was momentary. It was a bond that I couldn’t explain.. I loved the way he escorted me throughout the park until I got onto the bus. It almost felt that he was looking out for me. I had no idea where he came from or where he went. He struck a chord, which is a beautiful memory that I treasure till today. I will never forget those eyes. Bruno Thank You, I enjoyed your company.




There’s a Thunder in the wind


There is a thunder in the wind…

It’s pouring cats and dogs

But I wonder where are the frogs?

Slashing rains everywhere

It just feels that the rains just don’t care


The rains have made everything afresh

There is the smell of the mud

But there is a worry of the flood..

There is Greenery everywhere

And there are potholes here and there


Its wonderful to have the rains….

It’s been raining throughout the night

And my my the rains are not light

There’s water everywhere

People are stuck here and there…


The roof is leaking tip tip tip….

I don’t know how dry to keep

Thunder tells me it’s not over yet

I wonder what happens to your pet

Its lightning that I am afraid of

And wish I could make it go like puff…


Its rainy season so I can’t complain

It will and has to rain…

Yes I do love the rains

But sometimes it adds to peoples pains


I have decided to enjoy the weather

watch birds clean their feather.

Sail some paper boats

Enjoy some coffee and toast…

I will look for the rainbow

for now I will watch the rain show…

But for now there is a thunder in the wind…