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Small Wonders – Jai HO!!

Another of my rickshaw tales…so here goes…I was just travelling by rickshaw.. we were 3 passengers in the rickshaw and lo and behold there came a car in front of us which was attempting a u turn on an uphill road. There was a lady in the car.. and yes we all have our views about lady drivers, but this bog is not about women’s driving skills, (which by the I think women are better drivers than men J ) She looked out of her front passenger window and gestured a request to the auto rickshaw driver to let her make the turn and pass ahead. What amazed me the most was the way the auto rickshaw guy responded. He stopped his rickshaw and gestured back to the lady indicating that she could go ahead and make the turn. Not only that but when another rickshaw guy was attempting to cut and go ahead of the ladys horizontally placed car, he actually told the other driver to hold back and let the lady pass. It must be a lot of pressure for the lady as she was stuck in the middle of heavy traffic. The car wouldn’t just budge, she was not hitting correct gear..she was not going anywhere, I have seen other rickshaws guys swear and say nasty things when something like this happens but here was a rickshaw guy, who was patient and didn’t mind how long the lady took to reverse and take a u turn.

Its small things as this, that touches the soul and your faith in humanity is restored, I am sure the lady would have had a good day ahead, I am sure that the autorickshaw guys day was good as well since he didn’t lose his patience or peace in this event. I certainly had a fantastic day even though I was an observer of the entire event.

Now that I write this event blog, it actually reminds me of the movie “Jai Ho” where Salman K says that every individual should do 3 good events and those individuals should in turn do 3 more events and so create a chain of goodness and it will make an entire circle and goodness will come to you…While liked the concept I didn’t quite enjoy the movie L

Anyway it’s a fact that what goes around comes around, so what good did you do you, are you on the look out to do something good to someone..Gossip comes to us very easily its almost like a reflex action. The next time you feel like gossiping stop and think is there something good that I can highlight about this person. Its difficult to start speaking something good but not impossible. Lets try and put this to practice and see if you can do a good turn without expecting anything in return and you will be blessed!!!!!