Who Am I!!!



Who am I?? I ask myself……

I don’t get an answer.


So I set out in search of an answer

I ask the mountain,

Who Am I??

I don’t get an answer

I ask the desert…Who Am I??

I don’t get an answer,,,

I ask the Ocean,, Who Am I?

I don’t get an answer..

I ask the world…Who Am I???

A dancer maybe or a traveler in transit…


I go in search for the answer like a nomad…

but alas!! I don’t get an answer…

Hopeful that someone will get back to me on a paper or pad…

I ask is there no one who can answer me, Who Am I??

Finally withered, tired, I rest down…

Saddened I sit down…

My face has no smile but only a frown,

I ask myself who am I…


Finally in the quietness of my heart I hear a feeble voice.

You are your own choice….

I heard the quaint voice say…

Every choice you make, you pay…

I hear my heart saying you are, who you think you are….

If you think you are lost, then you are..

If you think you are a king then you are..


I am Who I Am!!!

I am Unique and Blessed.

I am Gods best creation!!!

I have a goal to seek and fulfill my purpose.

I am here for a reason and my goal is to Bless and be Blessed!!


We ARE a spirit, we HAVE a soul, and we LIVE IN a body