`Care for a ride??


Ever want to travel a short distance in Mumbai..I bet you will never be able to get a rickshaw……on a rainy day or just any other regular day, try hailing a rickshaw to any location and the rickshaw guys will just refuse to go….. they will propose a route they you don’t really want to go…almost as much they are doing a favour of taking you to your half destination..Rickshawallas never have change…They are rough in driving..some of them impersonate Shucmacher..and appears are trying to live their dreams of being in F1…..

All of us have experienced some of the above scenarios but really what I want to write about today..is about rickshaw guys with a heart..yes you read it right..its a heart that we don’t always see….. Just the other day…I was coming home in a rickshaw..it was raining very heavily and to add to it there was heavy traffic on the road, we stopped a red light…and there in the middle of the 5 lane road was a dog…who was dragging its hind legs. It felt as though it was run over by some vehicle. There was no sign of external injury but it was clear that the dog was in pain..and was trying to drag itself to a side..but it was going in the wrong direction. No one seemed interested in the dogs pain, out of nowhere came a bare footed rickshaw driver…he walked up to the dog, patted the dog and then carried him. The dog tried to wriggle out of his arms, the rickshawala patted the dog again to calm him down and then finally took him to the edge of the raod..The signal turned green and I couldn’t see what happened next….It was touching to see the rickshaw guy get out to help a dog who certainly would have been run over by a speeding vehicle.

On a another incident I was waiting for a rickshaw, it was raining hard, and clouds threated to rain more..hailing a rickshaw appeared impossible as 1 rickshaw after another refused to go to my location…finally a rickshawala agreed to go…I sat in the rickshaw..and driver started a conversation. It was a regular conversation talking about one of his passenger and how his day had been…when it came to being dropped at my location he ensured that I didn’t have to walk at all.. or in other words he dropped me at my doorstep…heres what he said…”Main apne kisi passenger ko chalne nahi deta..mein unko, unke ghar tak ponchatha hun. Maaf karna muje baat karne ki addat hai, mein chata hun ki har koi passenger uska safar maze se kata aur kush rahein..” to me that is customer service…

Lastly what do you say when a rickshaw guy returns a lost mobile and all he charges is the fare that he took to come back to handover the mobile…These incidents increases my faith in humanity and lets me know that all is well.. and there is a silver lining at the edge of a dark cloud… To phir meter down kare….: