Grown Ups….


It’s interesting how we homo sapiens lead life…always running in all directions like a headless chickens. Why is that we have forgotten or rather unlearnt what came naturally to us as babies?

Babies can really teach a thing or two on how to manage our life.

  1. Demand what you what – Babies don’t care if it’s the middle of the night or broad day light. If they want something they will demand for it.
  2. Clean- When they are wet or just done potty, they will cry for attention till someone cleans them up. Can’t we adults clean our own mess why do we have to wait till we stink
  3. Fearless- This is by far the best one….Babies are born without fear…they learn how to fear after they are born. Have you ever seen a baby…when they are thrown high up in the air…they are not worried or scared that they will fall….even as the baby begins to sit, crawl and walk there are times when they will fall.. and get hurt but they don’t cry…until there is a reaction from adults around them. It’s when the adults react they realize that something is wrong….and begin crying.
  4. Question—babies or kids can ask endless question. Some of which I bet you don’t have an answer to…in fact you may not get a satisfactory answer even after googling it..
  5. Breathe- Not matter what the situation, one minute they could be cranky the next they will be all smiles…it’s almost like they live in the moment…
  6. Laugh – There is no better medicine than hearing a baby’s laugh. All your worries, stress disappear and you are energized again….

So what happened to our baby instincts, why have we forgotten what we knew as a baby? I am not saying throw caution to the wind but we can surely lower some of our guards. We don’t trust each other as much, we are afraid to take risks, we worry too much…and we have forgotten to demand.

Some of you may disagree with what I have to say…but really babies can teach us a lesson for life…As grown-ups, we have forgotten how to laugh….we value wealth and possession, fame and money over relationships…As kids we had a lot of fun…doing things the hard way…falling getting hurt but not forgetting to laugh…As grown-ups life is a race…not just against others but also against ourselves.. How often we look around and feel that someone has better than us and we want to get more or that we are better off than someone else hence we no longer are equal…To baby it does not matter whether you are rich or poor.. all that matters is that you show some attention to them and love them for what they are…

Babies are innocent and don’t judge you…I wonder what happens to this innocence as we grow up…where do we abandon all of these values…We as grown-ups…lead a very fast paced life and eventually pass that on to our kids as they are good leaners just by observing their parents and other grown-ups.. which leads them to discard all that they knew as a baby and start behaving like grown-ups…as time passes some myths are built into them: that you have to live a fast paced stressful life to be a grown up. You can’t have fun when you grow up, you can’t do mistakes, worse still you can’t be stupid if you want to be a grown-up you have to give up lots of stupid and foolish things.

When was the last time you did something stupid and laughed about it instead of berating yourself…are you able to laugh at yourself from time to time.. no you don’t have to a joker…but I am sure we can take a moment and laugh… As grown-ups we all yearn to be kids and babies because we love those memories and we all have some amazing kiddie stories to tell but what stops us from creating those very memories even now…it’s an irony of life that as kids we want to grow up quickly and as grown-ups we yearn to re-live our lives as kids and babies…

I am not saying be careless and foolish and act ignorant to all that is around us but what I am saying is that once in a while we should let the child out from us and follow the voice of the child within us…..