Smile it increases your face value.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine……its free and works like magic!!!

A few days ago,  I was walking and I suddenly noticed a young toddler, about 3-4 years old standing near a car with his mother. I was intrigued by his T-Shirt, it was colorful with a picture of asteroid. Everything happened in seconds but I can recall it happen in slow motion. At the very moment when I saw the Kid, he saw me as well and instantly he had a glint in his eyes, a broad smile on his face and he waved at me “hi”.. It was almost as though he knew me…I was certain I had never seen the kid before, his mother was equally amused at the child’s reaction to me… I waved back at him and he giggled. That moment was magic… I don’t think I can recreate the moment again….here was a kid who had no bother in the world, didn’t care if he came across as a fool for waving and smiling to a stranger, but he was happy on waving at me. The kid made my day!!!

happy smiling kid outdoor doing OK portrait green tone

As adults we often forget some of things that we do as children, we start restricting ourselves and forget how to live completely.

I too find it difficult to smile and talk to strangers, but there has been times when strangers have looked in to my eyes and there is a faint hello exchange. It happens from time to time but does not necessarily translate in a formal hello.

It is said what goes around comes around, imagine if we all went around smiling at others… we are sure to be smiled back at….

There was something I learnt as a teenager something that I do till this day.  I had seen this in a street play, how and why “Thank You” is important and the chain effect it causes. Now whenever I travel by rickshaw at the end of the journey once I am dropped at my destination and after paying  the fare I always say “Thank You” to the Rickshaw driver. Sometimes if the ride has been very good, I even comment that they drive the rickshaw very well. Very few of these rickshaw drivers expect a thank You..but I have seen some of them have a smile on their face once they hear these word…

I don’t know if this positively impacts anyone, but I do my bit with the hope that the goodness is passed along. It was not easy for me to say thank you to these people but I started somewhere and today it  has become a habit for me to say “Thank You” not just to Rickshaw drivers but even others who cross paths in my life.

A warm smile is welcoming, don’t limit it to only people who you know or people in authority, let your smile touch the passer by on the street, the poor urchin on the road..and just about anybody that you meet in your everyday life.

So do you smile often? it’s the best way to exercise your mouth’s muscles. It reduces age from your face and makes you look younger and more approachable. A small trickle of smile on your lips can lead to hearty laugh which itself can be contagious. It sets a tone and aura around you and transforms whole situation in a positive direction.

Going back to the kid, I don’t think I can recreate the magic again, but need I say that I was wearing an Angry Bird T-shirt, which may have prompted the kid to say “hi” to me. :-p

A smile costs nothing but could mean everything who receives it…so start smiling and share the magic…