Funny Musings!!!

calvin_and_hobbes1Calvin hobbes2

There is always humor, always a joke in the making, if only you would take time to look around. There were a few funny moments that I was able to catch, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to capture the moment. Nonetheless my eyes captured the moment in full color HD 🙂 Below are some incidents that brought a smile to my face.

There is a jogging park in my locality, where just about all types of people come for a morning walk. There are a group of dog trainers who get some dogs for a walk namely for allowing them to answer to natures call and for some basic lessons. These dogs are typically Alsatian, Labradors and Doberman breeds. I was doing my rounds during my regular walk, and saw this visual. A big Alsatian dog was walking by his trainer’s side and suddenly out of a corner poured out 6-7 puppies, these may be about a month old. The moment they seen the German shepherd, they all started barking, The Alsatian had no interest in the puppies, but they continued to bark at him. He simply stopped, turned and looked at the puppies. The looks was good enough for the puppies to scurry back to their hole and the Alsatian passed by nonchalantly.

It almost felt like David and Goliath scene playing out.

The next one was of the same German shepherd, he was conducting his regular rituals, and after he was done a pariah dog came round. He started jumping around the Alsatian and wanted him to play along, but the dog was least interested and he went his way and poor pariah dog was left to play himself.

Scene #2 was at fish market, all the fisher-woman were busy with the customers haggling over the price of fish. Cats are always hovering around for a steal or bits or pieces of fish to fall off from the fisher-woman’s board so they can feast on them. While we were waiting for our fish to be cut and be packed. The fisher woman threw some fish pieces and unwanted fish pieces for the dog to eat. A dog came around and started sniffing the fish (like they normally do for everything) but before he could bite into it, a cat just pounced at him, that just shot the daylights out of the dog, it was such a funny sight, typically you will see a dog scaring cats, here it was the opposite, the dog was so scared that he just scampered away.

Scene# 3 I have typically seen some women offer leftover chapatti’s/bread to crows/dogs/cats the next day. I was on my way to work and this was a scene that brought a smile to my face. The lady of the house just emptied some leftover chapatti in front of some cats. The cats began eating them, suddenly out of nowhere came a crow, swooped down low enough and grabbed a piece of chapatti and flew off. The cat didn’t have a chance. Suddenly then there were 2-3 more crows and they started pecking at the cats tail to shoo her away, I was amused to see that the cat actually was scared of the crows and ran away, leaving the crows to feast on the leftovers. All this in a matter of seconds….

These are small everyday incidents that bring smiles to our face but we miss them sometimes. We just dismiss this beautiful scene playing out in front of us. All this because we live in a fast paced life, even when we are out on our walks I see people plugged to their phones or listening to music. They miss the sweet sounds of the bird chirping early morning.

Take a moment relax, enjoy the beautiful sights, scenes importantly enjoy the people and things around you and you will realize that this place is a heaven on earth.

Like William Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances…” so play your part in it even if it means to be a bystander and to enjoy the beauty around..