Bedtime Story….


In the past few days my favorite pass time is to listen to Radio…gone are the story telling days…in this fast world of modern day technology where everything is available at the click of the button..story telling is a dying art..

I am not sure why I enjoy listening to the story is it the narrators magical voice that captures the fantasy or the possibility of imagining the storyline and the protagonist based on the leads to my childhood where a bedtime story was a must…..whatever the reason..the stories are always top class…and my mind imagines or rather creates the picture of the story being narrated….the clinging sound, the smallest detail… the emotions so well gets one connected to different realm….No stress….pure entertainment and listening for pleasure….

I remember during my childhood where every Sunday in the afternoon..we had stories being narrated….If only we had more such story tellers..or similar radio channels..I think it will give the idiot box a run for the money..At this point I only pray that the story telling continues to keep me entertained….