2017 Musings


Doggy Tale……On my way to the gym sat a dog, he was obstructing my way to the gym. Foggy early morning, he just slept there and didn’t budge much,  he wagged his tail and then he looked up and his eyes almost said..what are you doing here? go back to sleep. The wagging of the tail told me that he is a friendly dog and I have passed him on my way to a work out in the past. But today was different, today he was just in the middle of the path and I had cross over him and I was afraid that he might bite me….Another gym enthusiast came to my rescue and we crossed over him….others too had to walk over the dog. Unlike us the dog was least interested to move, he was enjoying the warmth of the ground and the winter chill.

Selfie Narcissist Time —- its always felt that selfie is more a millennial thing, absolutely wrong. Gen Y & Gen X is equally indulging in this craze. I was walking down the road and seen a guy on the bike, he stopped his bike and started taking a selfie, it looked so hilarious J. Frankly I don’t understand the selfie craze. You can see groups of people or singles either pouting, putting on a funny face, or adjusting their phone and clicking a pic. These people forget the company & freinds they have the with and are busy clicking pictures of themselves to upload on social media.

Garam Chai – Sipping a tea in a Udipi joint I look around, the place looks empty. Its not time for business yet. Then a guy in shorts could easily be passed off as a delivery boy sat at the adjoining table, took out a local language newpaper and started reading. One look and I am thinking,,, doing time pass will drink a tea and go off. Then another person entered restaurant and set across at another table, he was a serious kind of a person and into his phone. The waiter went to him with the Menu card – he just looked up at the waiter (Angry Young man)– cold stare, no words from his lips. I thought how rude if he didn’t want to order anything he can just say it. Alas how wrong were my impressions of both these individuals. The waiter placed food at the newspaper guys table- a complete meal. In a few minutes the waiter kept some idli before the angry young man. All this while I was looking at them but had no clue when and how they placed the order. I realized that perception built within minutes can be incorrect.

Joyce Meyer – Story of the prodigal son where the younger son is sulking when there is feasting when the elder son returns home. This hatred was not built in a day, it built up over a number of years and manifested in unhappiness on the feast prepared for his brother.

Life Truth. Forgiveness is not a feeling but an action, so don’t wait for the feeling to forgive, just forgive and let the feeling catch up.

Rickety Ride: A road leading to a very posh locality will finally be made up. Currently in no man lands, thousands of vehicles ply via this road on a daily basis. Yet no one was willing to take responsibility to construct and maintain the road. Finally there are signs and unconfirmed statements that the road will be constructed and commuters can have a peace of mind to reach their destinations without any major injuries.  Roughly over month ago-some mountain stones were offloaded on the path, and still continue to remain in their heap. Iron barriers and the unofficial toll is now taken away. Where there is a will there is a way. So hopefully the upcoming elections prompt the authorities to complete the much needed road in quick time.