Adieu Little Master

“There is a time for Everything”


Finally the day has dawned when the Little Master finally bids adieu to the game of cricket. It’s an emotional moment for Sachin, for his team mates, his family, the nation, his fans. This was inevitable that Sachin would have retired from cricket at some point in time, the question was when… Now is a perfect setting than now when playing his final test against Australia in India.

The fact of the matter is Sachin has played for India selflessly for the past so many years, finally ending over 24 years of cricketing career…

So who is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar to cricket and to entire nation of India…he is the God of cricket, he is someone who has inspired a lot of budding cricketers, he is the persona of ultimate humbleness when in the peak of his success. Contrary to some belief that he has been selfish to create his own records, he is down to earth and ever willing to put the team ahead of self. In the last couple of years he has shown than even the Little Master can fail, but he rose and continued to play. Critics pointed out that he was slowing down, but I will challenge them and say even if he didn’t contribute in batting he made up in his on field and off field presence. He has carried the expectation of the entire nation for the past 2 decades and this I am sure this would have been quite burdensome, but he always had a smile on his face.

Now that Sachin will no longer play active cricket I wonder who the next generation be looking forward to for inspiration???. do we have anyone who is even a shadow of Sachin. Sigh! Unfortunately greats don’t come by just like that. It’s a combination of determination, skill and finally the heart to bare it all and be prepared to take the risks.

Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar were 2 greats in the Indian Cricket and nobody can ever replace them. They created a void and no one can fit into their shoes..

I wonder what kind of honor the Indian government will giving Sachin, also what will he do now that he has retired. One for sure he will spend some more time with family and travel around the world….I don’t think he will get into commentating that’s not his line of interest. Will he open a cricket academy, his line of clothing or chain of restaurants…only time will tell……Let’s wait and watch…..

On a lighter note some of the cricketers that he is currently playing with were in their diapers and one of them was not even born JJ