Bollywood Calling…

I was observing a co passenger in the train….Foot tapping… …fingers snapping accompanied by a slight head banging… with ear plugs glued to her ears I knew she had  to be listening to a radio station that must be dishing out a typical bollywood song mix of or rather an array of music instruments creating a melody…and rightly so….because in a few minutes she was singing to the audience as well..not that she sounded any better than a…but this act led me to plug in to my own set of ear plugs and listen to the same Bollywood music….

Bollywood has given some of the best music..some originals, some inspired…and others straight copies of the originals.

I don’t know about you..but whenever I hear a song from from hindi movies..(you very rarely have songs in English movies) it usually takes me back in time..there are quiet a few songs…which I relate to a lot not necessarily to the lyrics but really to the background the settings or circumstances when those movies may released or I may have seen them…for eg..whenever you I hear songs from DDLJ esp Na jaane mere dil ko… brings back memories of super cold Delhi in Dec….there was this small school canteen that we used to frequent for our quota of tea…and this owner had taken a fancy to this movie and he would play this cassette all through the day..…. (CD had still to see the light of the day)  Some movie songs actually bring a smile to my face because it reminds me of my childhood…movies like Q se Q tak, Maine Pyar Kiya, Chandni, Ashiqui to name a few were a rage and I remember while most of these songs were good and I hum them even today..but some really irritate me, the song from Chandni, mere chandni was a super irritable song..

Some songs remind me of the situations of how we have actually seen a movie..either by bunking a college lecture and watching a morning show along with my friends circle and not to forget Drunks in the back seat lol that was something……On the similar lines go for a movie in a uniform…..watching movies on wooden seats and with fans which were barely working… movies like Dewana Mastana, Akele Hum Akele Tum…watching these movies along with a set of friends makes movie watching a different experience end up creating memories that you will end up smiling about whenever you see the movie again…getting memories your way…and hopefully you are able to catch a laugh or two…

Then there are other movie songs that remind me of people…Josh….Ugly Truth,Madagascar I, Wake up sid,Quick Gun Muruggan…a silly movie that can and always gets loads of laughter…a torture movie I will never forget is Mohhabatein..for over 3 hours..the only reason we survived was due to the non stop chatter of one of my friends which made it funny to watch…Chak De is especially is very dear to me…..

The list can go on…but what I have realized is that..these movie songs have given me a way to revive my memory… so the next time you see me with ear phones plugged in and smilling to my aware that I am listening to a hindi song and reliving some of my memories..and thinking about the quick joke…about somebody or something that is in some way may or may not be associated with the movie….

So to end it by Bollywood Calling does not mean that I will be going to Bollywood to act or something..just that Bollywood calls each one of us in a different ways…whether…watching the movie for movies sake….passing time, becoming a critic or better still hanging out with friends….Like I like to say that there is a bit of Bollywood in each one of us..simply Filmy…..