Happy Feet!!!!!!

Ever wonder why we wear shoes….well so we can walk without hurting our feet….who walks bare feet you may say…

Yes we do wear shoes so we can protect them…but also because it can be a style statement… But think again, you would want to pamper your feet, its a part of the body that does most of the work….so wouldn’t you want to treat it in a good manner…It does not always get its due despite walking long hours..walking in muddy waters, getting stamped over by others..

So what about a Footwear… A footwear can tell a lot about a person…a neat & tidy foot wear reveals that person likes being spic and span and can be straight forward in approach, A muddy, dirty shoes could depict that someone has either walked alot, has stepped in a mud or is just to careless to clean his shoes….and could be sloppy in approach.

A narrow silhouette shoes  could depict some one who is stylish, loafer could depict someone who is causal and easy going and prefer to take life as it comes…

An old worn out shoe, could either mean that the person just does not pay attention to his appearance or in some cases doesn’t have money to buy a new pair…

Your footwear can impact how you carry yourself.. imagine if you have flip flops, slippers or slip ons.. the possibility is that you will be a little too casual in approach, versus if you have worn formal shoes…even so if you wear sports shoes it will be that you have skates below the shoes…because it just easy to run around in them….Image

Some could go to the extent of fitting their foot into a smaller size shoes, just to make a style statement…..I simply have never been able to fathom such people….why go through such misery….LOL

The comfort of your footwear will determine your mood, if you wear ill fitting shoes,,, no matter how fashionable they are…chances are that you will be in a fowl mood, in the same vein if your footwear is smart and comfy you have a wonderful day…

Footwear really sets a tone for the day…so don’t forget to pamper yourself with different kinds of footwear for various occasions.. Ensure that these are colorful, trendy and comfortable. Cause you are worth it!!!!!

So are you starting your day on the best footing!!!! and putting your best footwear forward… 🙂

Game. Set. Match!!!!!!

Where there is a will there is a way…..

Leander has achieved no mean feat..At 40 he is still rocking and raring to go….There is passion that still drives this athlete to achieve the next victory….


While as a spectator its always easy to see the victories and forget the hard times that one may have seen…the clashes with Bhupati, the Indian Tennis Association…… being down and out due to personal and physical issues….No one will know of these incidents because this is the story of every sportsman in the world undergoes at some point in time and the spectator is only party to the Glory and not the hardships that the sportsman goes through…

Leander has made this country proud by winning the mixed doubles….Like they say its never to late to set a new goal or to dream a new dream…..Its when we stop dreaming and hoping that we are dead….

Way to go Leander…..Congratulations!!!!!!!