Naariyal Paniwala


In this city of hustle bustle.. It’s very rare that you get a quaint spot in the city…As I was walking down some unknown path I came across a “Nariyal Paaniwala” (coconut water seller)

Here he was standing with his cart with coconuts…..he was not the old fashioned lungi style, but more of a modern Nariyal Panniwala…his cart was parked in a was blazing hot, with sharp sun rays hitting the eyes..but his spot was almost untouched by the sun.. A very strategic location..and it was very welcoming….he was surrounded by a few customers..he gradually met each of the customers needs,, giving them the kind of coconut they ordered.. He was a young chap in his early 20’s has to be a was not about his facial character but really the expertise with how he skinned the coconuts, cleaned the cream inside and was really customer friendly…It was easy to start a conversation with him..his answers were simple..nonpolitical..and he didnt have to choose his words to speak..he was not looking to appease the normal vendors do..he was just simple in speech… I cant explain in words..but the experience just hit the root and reminded me of humility..

Looking at the way he handled his work, it appeared that his fore fathers may have been in the same business, but then again I could be wrong.. either way..he was proud of what he was doing and he was satisfied..He didnt have a care in the world..I was reminded of the song from the old Agneepath movie..(I am Naariyal paniwala)

Time had stopped as I was sipping on the coconut water..listening to the birds chirping..and a stray rickshaw honking in the background…