The future is here


3d small people carrying home. 3d image. Isolated white background.

Life was never so much fun….after a late night party. I could still manage an 8 hour sleep. I was getting ready for work, with new technology and gadgets life has become so much simple..I am ready for work in 15 mins breakfast included.

My robot Carmen helped me prepare pancakes. She has been such a help, actually Carmen’s like a transformer, can be a bot, doubles up as washing machine, cleaner, cook you name it. I have to just set instructions with control settings and she is ready to go 🙂 :-)The best thing is that she can be broken in parts and be used a multi-source equipment.

Today I decided to go to office instead of using the Tele Presence. With the introduction of Tele Porter travel was instant. I just had to push in my destination with my secure code and viola!! I was Tele Ported to my destination…no sweat 🙂

It was going to be an interesting day, as an architect, I met with business clients who had special (read interesting projects) in mind. I also oversaw architects designs and models in addition to visiting site locations. Today was a site location, it was bizarre project that I was working on where the client wanted to build Atlantis (The lost city). They wanted to capture the essence of what the city stood for.

I got to work instantly, I wore the oculus started to construct the drawing. Since this was a naval power I had to draw from fiction and the clients required. I was pumped since this project let me use my creativity. It was challenge but with the oculus and 3d printing I could navigate simulations and make models that helped define what the final layout would like.

By afternoon I was done with half draft of the city. I decided to break for lunch, I called into out a few names on my phone and it told me who were available and willing to go for lunch. I just gave the name of the restaurant I was going to and the phone would let my team mates know where to join me. It was important to beat the rush or it would be difficult to get a table (Some things don’t change you see 🙂 ) I was browsing the menu tab, as I saw my team mates walk in. My order was pre ordered, since I was a frequent visitor the phone and tab had my past history and would place the order for me. This saved time, I was just checking if I wanted to change anything..but the order looked too good to change.

The food was good, friends caught up on some office gossip and some kool projects that we were engaged in. One of my friends was working on animal enclosure. Hmmmm How interesting….. that is a project I should get myself on I told myself…..

Back at work, I had a quick connect with the junior architects to review their work at the site location. Time had passed very quickly, I was meeting friends for a quick bite. I decided to use the hovercraft nowadays these could also fly in the air. Not at the same heights like an airplane, but more at the height of buildings.

The evening was excellent, the restaurant was awesome, some really good rock and roll and pop music from the yesteryears. You could preload the song requests in the Jukebox at the click of the fingers. The best part was that since everything was linked thought the internet and banks, we didn’t need to carry money, we just had to swipe cards and money would get debited or credited based on the transaction at the bank. Actually the use of cash was passe.

It was fag end of the day, I was ready to head home,. I boarded the hovercraft thank God that there was no traffic. Since I wore a wearable watch Carmen knew about my whereabouts and would know that I am headed home and would have my nigh time tea ready. Thanks to the watch, I could self-medicate and keep a tab on my health, reduced my doctor visits and bills.

Since my house was a Technology Home any anomaly in the surroundings or settings would send me an alarm on my watch. I am sure the home had taken care of the weekly ration and maintenance, and other routine chores. It was such a blessing to have the home take care of that and the best thing was that all of this then synchronized in my phone. This helped me to plan for the next day.

I knew that the Home had set an appointment for carpet cleaning the next day, which meant that I had to return home late in the evening, so I intended flexing my work hours the next day…

I had reached home, the door opened as soon as I punched in my unique code and I could hear my favourite song playing in the background…. Here comes the sun….Here comes the sun….And I say its all right…