True Giving…..


I felt proud when I recently participated in a CSR activity at work…it was really a wonderful experience and I was really on a high….until this incident humbled me completely…

On my way to work I have to cross a railway foot-over bridge.. there is a beggar lady who always sits on the east side of the bridge..I along with other passerby will see her there every morning and don’t even bother a second look. Some passerby will put in some coins or notes in her bowl and walk on feeling proud that they have done a good deed for the day. You can almost the difference in their gait after they have done their act of charity. No I am not being judgmental its just so obvious sometimes…in the way people behave..

On the west side of the bridge is a school, and the students  typically use the railway foot-over bridge to cross from east to the west and vice versa.

A few days back I was travelling to work…and as usual saw the lady sitting near the start of the foot over bridge. Suddenly out of somewhere came a young kid… a boy of may be around 8-10 years old..he stops and gives something to the lady..I strain to see what he has given the lady…I realize that he has given his biscuit packet, which may have been his tiffin snack for the day. No…… it didn’t seem like he didn’t want the biscuit, or that he gave it to her because he didn’t like it. It appeared more that he gave it to her out of goodwill. He gave because he wanted her to eat it…..what touched me more was after the lady accepted the gift…she actually caught hold of the boys hand and thanked him profusely. You don’t typically see beggars being as thankful. But here it felt like there was an exchange between the boy and the lady which was mutual. The boy gave the lady the biscuit and the lady gave her blessings to the boy. The boy walked away without a care in the world with out any attitude of having done anything big, without realizing that he may have provided the only meal of the day to the lady…

That small act of giving where there was no feeling of pride in the boy….. just pure simplicity hit me hard and forced me to think why cant we be more like the boy.

Simply just give without expecting and give without a care in the world. More importantly give without seeking any self pride….

I wonder why…..