I am Alive!!


Faith is the most important and I like to describe it as the manifestation of the unseen and believing in something yet to happen in physical realm.

I look back at some moments when I was low, unsure of what to do…..in times of uncertainty, in face of adversity…but what a lot of people don’t realize is that when you are facing a problem no matter now enormous it may seem.. we have the power within ourselves to take it on.. if only we would look within ourselves for the courage…..Faith is a critical role to play here as you are believing and trusting for something that is yet to happen…here is where hope is very critical to our existence on this planet…

In order to survive the following 3 aspects are very important in life

  1. Purpose
  2. Love
  3. Hope

Each of the above is very important a purpose gives a sense of direction,  its why we are here…

Love on the other hand, we all need a little Love, but I realized that you cannot get any back if you don’t give (life is a circle remember) but importantly you can’t give what you don’t have. So you have to start by loving yourself, and then give if forward and love others and then it will come back to you.. It’s a circle….

Lastly we all should have some Hope…if theres is no it’s the end of the road…..

There have been times when I gone through this… I felt that there I had no purpose in life.. I really didn’t have some big Goals personally or professionally. My life didn’t make any sense….didn’t know where I was headed…and what I would accomplish….but I realized that sometimes its Ok to not to have a goal. Its ok to fall, there is nothing lost if you fall. But you need to get up and try again…I still don’t have a Glorious goal, but I realized that My purpose in life was really being content in what I have, do what is best and help others… very importantly take one day at a time..It was a big lesson especially as I had forgotten to pause and enjoy life, I was living life at a breath neck speed….

Being loveless is a useless feeling but I realized that really comes from self-pity, negativity and being selfish.. as all you want is someone to give attention. Its not about romantic love or anything, its just the feeling of being loved by anybody or everybody…here is where it’s important to be grateful for the things in your life. We forget all the blessings we have in life…I have realized that I am loved because I have a lot of things for going for me…I had to focus on the positive aspects of life.

This directly leads you to hope… feeling hopeless is the worst feeling that one can have…what it really means is that I am cornered and my back is against the wall.. this is when a lot of people fall prey to addictions or just are so dependent on others to get them out of this situation. I am a firm believer of glass half full and that everything happens for a reason…No matter what the situation, no matter how adverse the conditions, there is always a silver lining. It at this time that you need to hold on to yourself for dear life…. Literally dear life, as the last straw of hopelessness can lead to extreme situations…

During times of uncertainty just tell yourself that all is well, just keep your hopes on high and when dark clouds darken the sky know that you will have a beautiful rainbow and remember that this too shall pass…and most importantly know that you are blessed because you are alive…



I want to grow old with you


Visiting a doctor’s clinic can be unnervering at most times…But a recent doctor’s visit brought a smile to my face. I was visiting the doctor for a routine eye checkup. The doctor was in the operation theatre hence we had to wait a bit. The number of patients started swelling up….I was looking around at all the people who were waiting for the doctor, some appeared to be in a hurry for others it didn’t matter.

There was a couple opposite me who were sitting facing each other, but instead of talking to each other they were buried in their mobiles…it was irony that they were connected not to each other but to someone else on the phone.. so much for a relationship…

As we continued to wait, an old couple walked in, both looked in their 70s. The man made the wife sit and then walked up to the receptionist to enquire. He explained that they had been referred by an optician for an eye check. From their looks it was clear that they were simple people and happy with what they had….The man was loud enough in their conversation for us to hear it… The receptionist informed him that it would cost him around 400 INR per head. The old Man was amused but didn’t say much. The reason I writing this incident is what followed was unexpected.

The receptionist started taking down basic details like, name, age, other know sickness etc…But just looking at the man I thought he was illiterate and would not understand much. However I was pleasantly surprised, when he gave his name, the receptionist couldn’t get it and he actually spelled it out in English…his name including his wife…I was like wow, he is not illiterate…he then started giving details on their age, he laughed and said write around 65, I don’t know what our age is….it was clear that he didn’t know their date of birth, then proceeded to tell the receptionist that he was fit and no ailments and only had a cataract surgery around 2 year’s back and thinks that he needs another for the other eye. For his wife he mentioned that she has high BP else all good, she has had a paralytic stroke in the past which left her bed ridden. She was taken for treatment in town and she responded well and now she is completely recovered in God’s grace’

I was struck by with the ease in which he spoke, his gratitude to God. He was able to have the conversation without any burden or baggage, he just said it.

I was feeling sorry that I didn’t see anyone accompany them, their kids a family member or anybody at all. After all they were aged and would need some help. But this man. it was clear that he was happy, he cared for his wife. They were both huddled up in a corner like old friends talking away to glory. I don’t know if they have kids, who didn’t bother to accompany them, or if they don’t have kids. It was clear that the 2 of them were happy in each other’s company. Whereas in the earlier case, the 2 couple were buried in their phones. What an irony that was playing out in front of me……..

Food for thought, technology can be boon and a curse depending on how you use it….