Do you have a Barnabas, Silas and a Timothy in your life…..


I recently heard this question “Do you have a Barnabas, Silas and Timothy in your life”.. and it got me thinking…Yeah you got that correct..ok let me explain this a little more…we are all surrounded by different people in life,each of them are there for a reason…but who are these people who are surrounding you?. Do they mean anything to you or you to them?….

Barnabas is a mentor….is there a mentor in your life..someone who you look up to…someone who you admire, someone who can direct you in the correct direction when you wander off your path…someone you can learn from and always adds to your life and enriching it in a very positive way!

We often speak about Mentors very loosely…but really these friends, Managers, relatives, professors whoever they are play a very important role in shaping our lives because sometimes things will not get done if they don’t provide the correct guidance to us…and sometimes we need to lean on their experiences and advice…

Silas..is that person in your life who is your trusted friend and is always there by your side come rain, storm or a sunny day, someone with whom you can share a  gentle smile, a hearty laugh..or have a conversation even when you share a silence togather…This person is not a fair weather friend but is someone who stands by your side at all times….Silas will scold you when you are wrong, will wipe your tear when the chips are down, will join you in your craziness (in a good way)…

Lastly do you have a Timothy in your life? more often than no we have Mentors and are even able to have Silas in our life but don’t have a Timothy in our life!!!..Do we give something to someone else..do we care and share our knowledge? Are we in turn a Barnabas in someone else’s life…are willing to give freely what we got from others..

Who do you have in your life???….Think about it!!!!!..if we have a Barnabas, a Silas and a Timothy in our lives this world will be a better place!!!!