F1 or Cntrl + Alt+ Del

We live for each other, in fact humans cannot live in isolation and need each other. It is only when we live for each other when we can make this world a beautiful place.

Recently during my recent travels to New York, I realized how disconnected the society was. The neighbors didn’t necessarily know each other. There was little energy and it was each to his own. Nothing wrong about it, back home too it’s very similar, everyone busy with themselves. But there were a few things that got me thinking.

We were making our way towards the subway station in a predominantly what would be considered as a black society. We were climbing down the stairs and just a little ahead was a black mom who was pushing a pram with a baby towards the end of the stairway. Before I knew it, another white lady who also had a baby in her pram was coming up, she was talking to her friend. She left her pram with her friend, walked up the stairs, and without saying a word, helped the black woman carry the pram down. I was stumped, I had heard stories of black and white not getting along, furthermore I asked myself, what stopped me or my friends from helping the woman. It took another mother to know the pain of this mother and she helped her out. There was no words exchanged, no permission taken, no thank you said. The act was completed and each went their way.

We live in a life so fast paced that we forget that each of us have needs and if were more giving this world will be happier place to live in.

I read somewhere that, nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water, Trees don’t eat their own fruit. The Sun doesn’t shine for itself. A flowers true fragrance is not for itself. Living for each other is the rule of nature.

So look around and see if you can make a positive difference in someone’s life today.


Tchau Tchau!!!



It’s that time of the year to reflect and thank for the year gone by.

This just seems like routine now to be thankful at the end of the year. Why do we wait till the end of the year to be grateful, is it that the festive season makes us more grateful or is it that we are not as grateful during the year for all the things in our life. I think it’s a bit of both, in today’s fast paced life we often forget to stop and take in everything that is happening to us and in life. We ignore the small blessings in life and take things for granted. The end of the year is a good time to pause, rewind and build the gratitude list, but if we only did it more often the world would be a much better place. I too am guilty as charged.

2016 has been a wonderful year, it has given me experiences, memories, love, sorrow, sadness, self-realization joy, peace and much more. These are all adjectives you say, yes they are – and I have been able to experience all of these and I have some wonderful things & situation in life. I have always pondered why do we need to have sadness, loneliness and sorrow in life the answer came to me In many small experiences , unless a wave hits a low there is no way it can rise. Similarly in order to experience happiness and joy one has to endure sadness and sorrow it’s only then we can enjoy the bliss of these experiences. Its only when u endure the valleys is when u can enjoy the view from the hilltop.

This year, I am thankful for all the good the bad and the ugly that has happened in my life as this has made me the person who I am today. The deicisons I made or didn’t make has defined my life this year. I am thankful for all those who have come in my life, decided to stay or move on in life. I thank those who may have decided to move out of life, their purpose in my life is done and I may not need them in my life anymore. I especially thank those who continue to be part my life. I am grateful for a house on my head, for Gods continued blessings on my life. Thankful for my family for the fights and fun moments that we have together.

Jan to Dec this year has been very eventful, even though not every wish was granted I got what I deserved and in some cases more than I dreamt of. This year has taught me to be more accepting of myself and has taught me how to celebrate my existence.

This is not the end of the world with the end of 2016, this year has been kind, I know that the New Year will be even better with loads of blessings.  Goodbye 2016 let bygones and be bygones and Welcome 2017, looking forward to an exciting journey!!

Happy Friendship Day!!

Friendship day

When I look back at time

I am glad I have a few who I call mine

Some people come and go

Some will remain in the hearts core

Those who left were not mean

But it was their time to leave

Thank God for those few

Who light up life anew

I am Blessed with friends like you

Coz forever to me you are true

I am glad you chose to stay

For your friendship I can never pay

Thank You for just being there

Showering me with your love and care

Happy Friendship Day!!!


I’ll be watching you…


I was at Niagara Falls enjoying the sight of the world’s 8 wonder. It was wonderful, I went the untraditional way of touring, I was doing this by myself. So I had decided to trek the entire Niagara beauty, watch the falls, the cove, the whispering all of it on foot …

As I was taking in the sights and wandering around I lost sight of civilization…That’s when I met him or rather he saw me first. Coz I was oblivious to his presence. His deep eyes – I will never forget it conveyed protection and the want of just being there.

Today when I look back at the episode it was foolish of me to walk around especially when there was no other person in sight. I trudged along the pathway and he followed me. It was almost like a bond was created at first sight. I walked around and I stopped to click pictures or just to take in the beauty, he walked beside me. He stopped when I stopped, he was walking in slow strides and kept pace with me. At one point I almost felt him brush past me, but I didn’t mind him. It was almost like he was protecting me and wanted to ensure that I was not lost or that I didn’t go astray.

It was afternoon and I was hungry all I carried were some energy bars, I decided to take a short break in a Bus shelter. I turned to share the energy bar with my new friend but he didn’t seem interested. That’s when I started talking to him asking him why he was walking by my side. I didn’t feel threatened but quite the opposite it was good to have someone for company. I studied his features, he looked slightly old, his fur was thin, I wondered how he managed to protect himself in such icy temperatures. While he didn’t say anything, I could see it in his eyes, he was just content sitting next to me.

Then it was time to move again, I called him Bruno (amour, protection), he wagged his tail as he walked ahead of me. Towards the extreme end I saw the river, that’s where we discovered squirrels a lot of them. Both Bruno and I started chasing them, in an attempt to catch them. Bruno was having a field day, so was I. it was wonderful being all by self, with nothing else other than Bruno, the squirrels and the nature.

We wandered around for a bit, my feet had begun hurting and it was getting chillier by the minute. I knew it was time to get back to the Tower house. That’s when I saw the bus making the turn. I asked the driver he was going back to the Tower house, he said yes. So I got into it…it was completely empty. The driver got down for a smoke as I made myself comfortable in the bus. And there was Bruno sitting and waiting by the bus. I said Thank You to him and he just looked at me. As the Bus purred to life,, I looked at Bruno one final time to say goodbye, but had begun walking towards the other side. He didn’t look back.

It was a very different connection even though it was momentary. It was a bond that I couldn’t explain.. I loved the way he escorted me throughout the park until I got onto the bus. It almost felt that he was looking out for me. I had no idea where he came from or where he went. He struck a chord, which is a beautiful memory that I treasure till today. I will never forget those eyes. Bruno Thank You, I enjoyed your company.




Pass it on…..


All the best Madam! Is what he said and left.. I asked myself why??? He didn’t know where I was going. He didn’t know what my day looked like . All he did was ferry me from my home to office in a rickshaw. But  what he said hit a chord in me…

There are numerous people we meet every day and I asked myself have I touched anyone’s life…My words, my actions impact others every day, whether I realize it or not. This was just reinforced in an conference I recently went to. A conference where I least expected to hear something on this subject….

The speaker said, what we do what we say impacts others even if we don’t intend to. Infact he said what you don’t do or say also impact others. I told myself wow!!! this is so profound….. what this means that I have the power to impact a lot people every day and impact them in positive way……Have I used these powers appropriately??Have I used this powers to help others?? There were a lot of questions in my head…

I read Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) many years back and he had eluded to favour bank which talks about doing something good or helping others. It creates an emotional bank deposit which could be drawn upon in the future in your favour. Though while you do the act you don’t necessarily expect anything in return. It was the same concept being said in different words that firstly you just do your good works and don’t expect something in return and someday those people will come to you. Also be open to all around you. It was such a dejavu moment almost felt that what I believed and thought about is being narrated back to me..

Now I am in search of someone so I can do a good deed and pass along some goodness…..This world will be a better place.

Happy Feet!!!!!!

Ever wonder why we wear shoes….well so we can walk without hurting our feet….who walks bare feet you may say…

Yes we do wear shoes so we can protect them…but also because it can be a style statement… But think again, you would want to pamper your feet, its a part of the body that does most of the work….so wouldn’t you want to treat it in a good manner…It does not always get its due despite walking long hours..walking in muddy waters, getting stamped over by others..

So what about a Footwear… A footwear can tell a lot about a person…a neat & tidy foot wear reveals that person likes being spic and span and can be straight forward in approach, A muddy, dirty shoes could depict that someone has either walked alot, has stepped in a mud or is just to careless to clean his shoes….and could be sloppy in approach.

A narrow silhouette shoes  could depict some one who is stylish, loafer could depict someone who is causal and easy going and prefer to take life as it comes…

An old worn out shoe, could either mean that the person just does not pay attention to his appearance or in some cases doesn’t have money to buy a new pair…

Your footwear can impact how you carry yourself.. imagine if you have flip flops, slippers or slip ons.. the possibility is that you will be a little too casual in approach, versus if you have worn formal shoes…even so if you wear sports shoes it will be that you have skates below the shoes…because it just easy to run around in them….Image

Some could go to the extent of fitting their foot into a smaller size shoes, just to make a style statement…..I simply have never been able to fathom such people….why go through such misery….LOL

The comfort of your footwear will determine your mood, if you wear ill fitting shoes,,, no matter how fashionable they are…chances are that you will be in a fowl mood, in the same vein if your footwear is smart and comfy you have a wonderful day…

Footwear really sets a tone for the day…so don’t forget to pamper yourself with different kinds of footwear for various occasions.. Ensure that these are colorful, trendy and comfortable. Cause you are worth it!!!!!

So are you starting your day on the best footing!!!! and putting your best footwear forward… 🙂

Bollywood Calling…

I was observing a co passenger in the train….Foot tapping… …fingers snapping accompanied by a slight head banging… with ear plugs glued to her ears I knew she had  to be listening to a radio station that must be dishing out a typical bollywood song mix of or rather an array of music instruments creating a melody…and rightly so….because in a few minutes she was singing to the audience as well..not that she sounded any better than a frog..lol…but this act led me to plug in to my own set of ear plugs and listen to the same Bollywood music….

Bollywood has given some of the best music..some originals, some inspired…and others straight copies of the originals.

I don’t know about you..but whenever I hear a song from from hindi movies..(you very rarely have songs in English movies) it usually takes me back in time..there are quiet a few songs…which I relate to a lot not necessarily to the lyrics but really to the background the settings or circumstances when those movies may released or I may have seen them…for eg..whenever you I hear songs from DDLJ esp Na jaane mere dil ko…..it brings back memories of super cold Delhi in Dec….there was this small school canteen that we used to frequent for our quota of tea…and this owner had taken a fancy to this movie and he would play this cassette all through the day..…. (CD had still to see the light of the day)  Some movie songs actually bring a smile to my face because it reminds me of my childhood…movies like Q se Q tak, Maine Pyar Kiya, Chandni, Ashiqui to name a few were a rage and I remember while most of these songs were good and I hum them even today..but some really irritate me, the song from Chandni, mere chandni was a super irritable song..

Some songs remind me of the situations of how we have actually seen a movie..either by bunking a college lecture and watching a morning show along with my friends circle and not to forget Drunks in the back seat lol that was something……On the similar lines go for a movie in a uniform…..watching movies on wooden seats and with fans which were barely working… movies like Dewana Mastana, Akele Hum Akele Tum…watching these movies along with a set of friends makes movie watching a different experience altogather..you end up creating memories that you will end up smiling about whenever you see the movie again…getting memories your way…and hopefully you are able to catch a laugh or two…

Then there are other movie songs that remind me of people…Josh….Ugly Truth,Madagascar I, Wake up sid,Quick Gun Muruggan…a silly movie that can and always gets loads of laughter…a torture movie I will never forget is Mohhabatein..for over 3 hours..the only reason we survived was due to the non stop chatter of one of my friends which made it funny to watch…Chak De is especially is very dear to me…..

The list can go on…but what I have realized is that..these movie songs have given me a way to revive my memory… so the next time you see me with ear phones plugged in and smilling to my self..be aware that I am listening to a hindi song and reliving some of my memories..and thinking about the quick joke…about somebody or something that is in some way may or may not be associated with the movie….

So to end it by Bollywood Calling does not mean that I will be going to Bollywood to act or something..just that Bollywood calls each one of us in a different ways…whether…watching the movie for movies sake….passing time, becoming a critic or better still hanging out with friends….Like I like to say that there is a bit of Bollywood in each one of us..simply Filmy…..