Life is a roller coaster ride, where sometimes you are not in control but what you can do is to hold on to the guardrails and enjoy the ride.

No one including myself can tell you your worth. I have seen you evolve into a wonderful human being, with time you have evolved from being a daughter, a girl, a woman a wife and now a mother. You have played these roles with aplomb. You have a side that all are aware of, a side that few are exposed to and a side that only you know.  You don’t speak your feelings coz your action is louder than words. You come across as someone who is staunch without emotions. But you are equally strong and have a sensitive side that you and those close to you know. You are at your creative best when you are in the zone, there is a madness that only you and those close to you have experienced it, will know. There is a child in you willing to play games, an adult willing to make the tough calls, a mother teaching life skills to her child.

There is a bounce in your step which signifies your self-confidence you are unnerved by situations and you make it sound so easy. You break down the problems and take on the situation one part at a time and while doing so there is not a flicker of discomfort on your face. I admire your professional and emotional maturity there is style statement in everything that you do.

I don’t know how you do it but you are able to prioritize and balance everything so well, work, play, family. There is a sense of pride in what you do which does not clash with the way you treat others. Even strangers are bound to be touched by your thoughtfulness and care. There is no way they can escape from your warmth and welcoming nature.

Your commitment to work and dedication is undeniable and this not because you earn a salary but because you are bound by your principles and your love for your calling and to do what is best. You are called head strong – and yes you are, it’s because of this determination that you have reached where you are today, it is your strength. While being head strong, you are suave in the way you deal with difficult situations and people. I am inspired by your grit towards life.

During uncertainties and difficult times, you are able to think on your feet. You are full of ideas, the analogy that comes to my mind is that of an oasis in a barren desert. You are able to provide another dimension where none existed, or at least everyone felt none existed.

Your thoughtfulness and selflessness is something which touches everyone. During day to day existence all of us think of what is beneficial to ourselves, while you do that too, your selflessness is displayed and you ensure that your wants and beliefs don’t hurt others.

You have a strong sense of self awareness and where you are headed, it’s a trait that very few have, don’t lose that. It is this self-awareness and purpose in life which ensures that you are on track and aware of your being. This is an important life skill that you have harnessed and knowingly and unknowingly you use it in your everyday life.

When your soul is not aligned with your thought or with what is happening around you, you feel lost, frustrated and out of control. Remind yourself that sometimes you don’t need to be in control, everything has a time and after night there is day. Give yourself some slack you don’t be critical of yourself, you are the best version of who you are. You are doing your best, its easy to look around and be disappointed for all the wrong that’s happening but it’s important to be grateful for all the good that is around. I know that you have nothing but sincere gratitude for everything and I feel encouraged by your attitude.

You have positively impacted a lot of people around of you, some of whom will let you know for others it may be in passing. Remember that all the goodness you spread it will come back to you. You are blessed and you deserve more and it will come to pass in time. Your words of encouragement is encountered by many, you desire to make this world a better place is evident in the way treat others and develop others.

To me you are superwoman who wears her vest and encounters life every day.




I am my own Hero

She looked around and could see all women in the room, she sighed she felt safe but was disappointed there was no male attending the seminar.

This was a seminar about women empowerment and had no male representation. She asked the question – how can we make this a safe place for women. What is the government doing for reducing the gender gap, how is the organization ensuring that women are given equal opportunities, how are they reducing the pay gap, will organizations provide flexibility to women so they can take care of work and family. How do government, organizations ensure that there is representation of women at the top spots.

She felt that she was victimized subject to abuse and also sidelined even though she is talented. Why can’t this world see things from her eyes; understand the pain and discomfort she has to go through even when growing up? Why can’t the male species understand her better, why can’t they make things a little easier?

Why do women feel like victims and that everything needs to be done by someone else? Why do women feel helpless and that nothing is in their control. She reflected on her life and how she behaved in her own house. When she had to make a choice of sending her son or daughter to school, did her son get more privileges over her daughter? He can do whatever he wants because he is a boy.

She introspected have I used the word girl / daughter derogatorily she asked herself. She could think of the below examples where she felt she compared her son and daughter and unconsciously biased their thoughts that women is weaker.

  1. By telling my son “why are you crying like a girl, only girls cry” – “Boys don’t cry, boys are strong”
  2. We tell our daughters” its ok to cry” and things like “ you should not talk in loud tones, or argue with anyone” “You should not fight back” “You are a girl and girls have to be silent and listen”
  3. “You are girl so you need to know how to cook and do the household work”
  4. Football is not for girls, you can make painting, singing as your hobby
  5. “You are not a boy”, You are not strong like boys so don’t play with them” ,”You should play in the house” You should not play on the playground you will get hurt” “you should play only with girls.”
  6. Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys. “ Why are you wearing pink, pink is only for girls”
  7. “Barbie’s are for girls, cars are for boys”

Knowingly or unknowingly we have influenced the dos and don’ts in our children life and that is what gets played out as they grow older. They are boxed and prototyped into behaving in a way fit for boy and a girl. The pressure of being accepted is so high that children too fall in line to follow the behavior. How a girl is treated at home is how she gets treated in the society. Simple things like who gets served food first indicates who is given priority at home.

If a boy sees it is acceptable to not do any household work, disrespect his sister and be treated like a king by his mother and sister and other family members. That is what he is going to expect from all women in the world. Children learn from the family members and that is how they behave in world. Some things don’t even have to be spoken or taught to children, they are good listeners and learn fast, they just observe what’s happening in the family and emulate the same as they grow up. For them that is the first exposure and what they observe and accept is what they think and assume to be acceptable and correct.

Think back about a time when your daughter wanted to participate in sports or an adventurous activity in another location or country. Or wanted to pursue higher education or sports or even go out for an overnight picnic. What has been your response, yes go for it, or yes but be careful, or no, why do you want to do it. Or you are a girl and girls don’t do that.

Why should organizations care if the employee is male or female? They are happy if they have a performing employee? If employees are performing and give their best output profiting the organization, it doesn’t matter if that employee is a male or female. Why should companies care if you have a family, a work life balance to manage that is for you to manage it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Why should companies have reservations for women, if you are talented you will get the job. Because if you are the best engineer you will give your best and it will be noticed and you will get your due. What organizations should do is have equal opportunities for both genders, remove any biases to ensure that the best talent has access and gets the deserving reward.

Why blame the government for not enforcing stronger laws which are protecting women. I ask you why can’t we change the society’s mindset towards the women. We can have the strictest law, however if there is no change in mindset of people then that law is futile.

If a woman dresses, or talks differently than the acceptable norm then she is frowned on. A person can lustfully look at a woman and get away with it. There is nothing that the law can do in this. However if we change the DNA of our families which in turn impact people around us and the society at large, we will be able to change the way a woman is viewed and respected. It all begins how we manage our relationships at home. A small change can go a long way to impact the overall attitude including our own towards the progress of woman.

At times a woman is a woman’s enemy she needs to be less critical and more supportive. If Woman accept that they are empowered and start making their decisions and be responsible for their life it will be bring about change. If every woman takes it upon on herself to make some small changes within her influence, she will bring out and impact larger changes. No point for waiting for laws to be passed or for organizations to provide more lucrative salaries or roles. It is up to each women to stand up for herself and make some small behavior changes.

I am my own role model as I am unique and as there is no one like me. The change begins with me. I am my own hero.

F1 or Cntrl + Alt+ Del

We live for each other, in fact humans cannot live in isolation and need each other. It is only when we live for each other when we can make this world a beautiful place.

Recently during my recent travels to New York, I realized how disconnected the society was. The neighbors didn’t necessarily know each other. There was little energy and it was each to his own. Nothing wrong about it, back home too it’s very similar, everyone busy with themselves. But there were a few things that got me thinking.

We were making our way towards the subway station in a predominantly what would be considered as a black society. We were climbing down the stairs and just a little ahead was a black mom who was pushing a pram with a baby towards the end of the stairway. Before I knew it, another white lady who also had a baby in her pram was coming up, she was talking to her friend. She left her pram with her friend, walked up the stairs, and without saying a word, helped the black woman carry the pram down. I was stumped, I had heard stories of black and white not getting along, furthermore I asked myself, what stopped me or my friends from helping the woman. It took another mother to know the pain of this mother and she helped her out. There was no words exchanged, no permission taken, no thank you said. The act was completed and each went their way.

We live in a life so fast paced that we forget that each of us have needs and if were more giving this world will be happier place to live in.

I read somewhere that, nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water, Trees don’t eat their own fruit. The Sun doesn’t shine for itself. A flowers true fragrance is not for itself. Living for each other is the rule of nature.

So look around and see if you can make a positive difference in someone’s life today.

Tchau Tchau!!!



It’s that time of the year to reflect and thank for the year gone by.

This just seems like routine now to be thankful at the end of the year. Why do we wait till the end of the year to be grateful, is it that the festive season makes us more grateful or is it that we are not as grateful during the year for all the things in our life. I think it’s a bit of both, in today’s fast paced life we often forget to stop and take in everything that is happening to us and in life. We ignore the small blessings in life and take things for granted. The end of the year is a good time to pause, rewind and build the gratitude list, but if we only did it more often the world would be a much better place. I too am guilty as charged.

2016 has been a wonderful year, it has given me experiences, memories, love, sorrow, sadness, self-realization joy, peace and much more. These are all adjectives you say, yes they are – and I have been able to experience all of these and I have some wonderful things & situation in life. I have always pondered why do we need to have sadness, loneliness and sorrow in life the answer came to me In many small experiences , unless a wave hits a low there is no way it can rise. Similarly in order to experience happiness and joy one has to endure sadness and sorrow it’s only then we can enjoy the bliss of these experiences. Its only when u endure the valleys is when u can enjoy the view from the hilltop.

This year, I am thankful for all the good the bad and the ugly that has happened in my life as this has made me the person who I am today. The deicisons I made or didn’t make has defined my life this year. I am thankful for all those who have come in my life, decided to stay or move on in life. I thank those who may have decided to move out of life, their purpose in my life is done and I may not need them in my life anymore. I especially thank those who continue to be part my life. I am grateful for a house on my head, for Gods continued blessings on my life. Thankful for my family for the fights and fun moments that we have together.

Jan to Dec this year has been very eventful, even though not every wish was granted I got what I deserved and in some cases more than I dreamt of. This year has taught me to be more accepting of myself and has taught me how to celebrate my existence.

This is not the end of the world with the end of 2016, this year has been kind, I know that the New Year will be even better with loads of blessings.  Goodbye 2016 let bygones and be bygones and Welcome 2017, looking forward to an exciting journey!!

Happy Friendship Day!!

Friendship day

When I look back at time

I am glad I have a few who I call mine

Some people come and go

Some will remain in the hearts core

Those who left were not mean

But it was their time to leave

Thank God for those few

Who light up life anew

I am Blessed with friends like you

Coz forever to me you are true

I am glad you chose to stay

For your friendship I can never pay

Thank You for just being there

Showering me with your love and care

Happy Friendship Day!!!


I’ll be watching you…


I was at Niagara Falls enjoying the sight of the world’s 8 wonder. It was wonderful, I went the untraditional way of touring, I was doing this by myself. So I had decided to trek the entire Niagara beauty, watch the falls, the cove, the whispering all of it on foot …

As I was taking in the sights and wandering around I lost sight of civilization…That’s when I met him or rather he saw me first. Coz I was oblivious to his presence. His deep eyes – I will never forget it conveyed protection and the want of just being there.

Today when I look back at the episode it was foolish of me to walk around especially when there was no other person in sight. I trudged along the pathway and he followed me. It was almost like a bond was created at first sight. I walked around and I stopped to click pictures or just to take in the beauty, he walked beside me. He stopped when I stopped, he was walking in slow strides and kept pace with me. At one point I almost felt him brush past me, but I didn’t mind him. It was almost like he was protecting me and wanted to ensure that I was not lost or that I didn’t go astray.

It was afternoon and I was hungry all I carried were some energy bars, I decided to take a short break in a Bus shelter. I turned to share the energy bar with my new friend but he didn’t seem interested. That’s when I started talking to him asking him why he was walking by my side. I didn’t feel threatened but quite the opposite it was good to have someone for company. I studied his features, he looked slightly old, his fur was thin, I wondered how he managed to protect himself in such icy temperatures. While he didn’t say anything, I could see it in his eyes, he was just content sitting next to me.

Then it was time to move again, I called him Bruno (amour, protection), he wagged his tail as he walked ahead of me. Towards the extreme end I saw the river, that’s where we discovered squirrels a lot of them. Both Bruno and I started chasing them, in an attempt to catch them. Bruno was having a field day, so was I. it was wonderful being all by self, with nothing else other than Bruno, the squirrels and the nature.

We wandered around for a bit, my feet had begun hurting and it was getting chillier by the minute. I knew it was time to get back to the Tower house. That’s when I saw the bus making the turn. I asked the driver he was going back to the Tower house, he said yes. So I got into it…it was completely empty. The driver got down for a smoke as I made myself comfortable in the bus. And there was Bruno sitting and waiting by the bus. I said Thank You to him and he just looked at me. As the Bus purred to life,, I looked at Bruno one final time to say goodbye, but had begun walking towards the other side. He didn’t look back.

It was a very different connection even though it was momentary. It was a bond that I couldn’t explain.. I loved the way he escorted me throughout the park until I got onto the bus. It almost felt that he was looking out for me. I had no idea where he came from or where he went. He struck a chord, which is a beautiful memory that I treasure till today. I will never forget those eyes. Bruno Thank You, I enjoyed your company.




Pass it on…..


All the best Madam! Is what he said and left.. I asked myself why??? He didn’t know where I was going. He didn’t know what my day looked like . All he did was ferry me from my home to office in a rickshaw. But  what he said hit a chord in me…

There are numerous people we meet every day and I asked myself have I touched anyone’s life…My words, my actions impact others every day, whether I realize it or not. This was just reinforced in an conference I recently went to. A conference where I least expected to hear something on this subject….

The speaker said, what we do what we say impacts others even if we don’t intend to. Infact he said what you don’t do or say also impact others. I told myself wow!!! this is so profound….. what this means that I have the power to impact a lot people every day and impact them in positive way……Have I used these powers appropriately??Have I used this powers to help others?? There were a lot of questions in my head…

I read Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) many years back and he had eluded to favour bank which talks about doing something good or helping others. It creates an emotional bank deposit which could be drawn upon in the future in your favour. Though while you do the act you don’t necessarily expect anything in return. It was the same concept being said in different words that firstly you just do your good works and don’t expect something in return and someday those people will come to you. Also be open to all around you. It was such a dejavu moment almost felt that what I believed and thought about is being narrated back to me..

Now I am in search of someone so I can do a good deed and pass along some goodness…..This world will be a better place.