Giving up is not an option….

We are all unique in our own way. We have endured and continue to endure experiences which are unique to us. It is also possible that many of us may have experienced the same incident but our responses may be different. As humans we can create our own responses which are different to the same situation.

Troubles come in our life, and sometimes we don’t know why we are going through it. The wet pillow becomes a best friend at some points in our life. During such times, make a decision and take action, take control if possible. However sometimes we can’t do anything and can’t find a solution for such situations. At such times, its best to take a pause, make progress slowly but don’t give up. We understand life backwards and so will not know why something happened until later in life. One thing I am sure of is that everything happens for a reason, we have the power to endure. When we cannot, we have a greater force on our side which helps us tide this situation.

During such difficult times – it’s easy to give up, succumb to the situation and go to the extreme of ending one’s life. However according to me giving up is not an option. We should strive to live and continue to prosper. So what if you have lost a loved one, you are lonely, or you are completely shattered, these are unpleasant experiences, but they build you for what’s in store. You may be the only survivor in your family with no purpose to live. But who knows it is this experience that can propel you to bring healing to others. So what if you are bed ridden, you have a life, ask yourself what I can do positively in your life. What can you do, what can be if you take the first step? May be you can tell a story, may be you help others.

God has created our beautiful life – there may be some hiccups along the way. Life may not be as beautiful for us now but it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. Everything in life is momentary, how we cope with life is all that matters and once you make that shift is when you will be able to view life differently. It’s easy to be a victim and blame others for everything bad in our life, but if we can change this perspective in learning what life has in store for us than this will be a very different journey.

No matter what is the state of our life, there is a reason why we are here in this world, we have a purpose in life that only we can fulfill. It is possible that we don’t know that purpose and once we know the purpose in life, we will be propelled in a whole new direction. Many a times we give up and quit when we are almost about to strike gold. Giving up is never an option, make a decision to endure, to make the change and make a difference in your own and others’ lives. Who knows, your trouble, helplessness, worries may disappear the very next hour, day, month or year.

“I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.”
―Paulo Coelho