My way or the highway



Motorists especially those on two wheeler’s (Motorcycle) have no sense and respect for Traffic Signals. They almost seem ignorant of the lights as though they are meant only for 4 wheeler’s and other vehicles. My angst is against those two wheeler – motorcycle rider who think they own the road and everything in between. I have tried to outline the type of motorcyclist one would experience while in the city that never sleeps.

  1. Your Father what going – These are the ones who have no respect to road safety and would care less if they were riding their vehicles in your house. They will honk and continue to honk for no reason. They rather carry the helmets on their arms instead of wearing them on the head. The head gear is for a style statement and not for protecting the grey matter.
  2. My Fathers road – These riders were born to ride. For them every road belongs to their father or to them. They will ride right in the middle of the road without bothering to let you go by. They may either be in full speed but at times they are just slow enough to stall the traffic behind especially if they are in the mood of enjoying the traffic around. In a traffic jam, you can see these motorcyclist doing acrobats on the footpath. So what’s a footpath it’s a pavement or sidewalk where pedestrians should be walking. But these motorcyclist have no empathy for those on foot and plunge their motorcycle on their path without a second thought.
  3. Living on the edge – These are the stuntman’s, they will strut their motorcycles as though they were the only riders on the road and on a motorcycle circuit. Valentino Rossi would be embarrassed by looking at some of their antics. They have a brain of their own, they will cut lanes at the last minute which will make others lose sense of direction and control of their vehicles. These are daredevils who think it is their birth right to put their and others lives at risk. So long as they can drag, do near cartwheels with their motorcycle, or practice leaning in on a busy traffic they are not bothered of the weak nerves of other motorists or their lives. They think on the lines of here today and gone tomorrow, a life is worth a penny.
  4. Long lost Friends – These are the ones that seem to be brimming with a lot of love and friendship & brotherhood towards each other. Basically its two motorcycles ridding together. The riders oblivious to other cars or pedestrian, lost in deep conversation and eye contact. They zig zag on a road that would have lots of vehicles wanting to press the gas pedal but alas! are unable to do so due to the sheer PDA showered by one rider towards the other. I often wonder why can’t these guys celebrate their friendship elsewhere and let roads be for what they are meant to be.
  5. Space Shuttle – These are the crazy motorcyclist who ride with a measuring tape with them. They ride or at most walk with their bike so close the vehicle I almost feel that the vehicle is going to scrape the other vehicle, but voila they are able to move through without a scratch. Any sight of space now is gone in the next second. They will ensure maximum utilization of space, even if it means inconveniencing other motorists. Its not their responsibility if their motorcycles do scrape the others vehicle. The other vehicles should make way for them cause they are two wheelers and don’t use much space.
  6. Passing the buck – These are those, for whom, everyone else is at fault and they are the best riders in the world. If they crash against another vehicle or pedestrian it’s the other persons fault. They always have someone or something to blame if ever they are caught.
  7. Vroom Vroom – These are those who care less about biking and more about showing off. They will roar down the streets at full speed with no thought for others on the road. Their mean machines making the loudest and at times the ugliest sounds that one can hear. It’s not so much about the sound as much it is about the speed at which they ride their motorcycles. Dangerous for themselves and others.

These motorcyclist, I am sure have learnt riding from their friends, parents but they have forgotten to teach them is road safety and to share the road with others. I am sure many would agree with me on the above points. I am unsure if this city would be a better place with replacing motorcycle with bicycle as the riders would still do some of the above stunts. So what is needed a change in mindset of how one sees riding motorcycle.


2017 Musings


Doggy Tale……On my way to the gym sat a dog, he was obstructing my way to the gym. Foggy early morning, he just slept there and didn’t budge much,  he wagged his tail and then he looked up and his eyes almost said..what are you doing here? go back to sleep. The wagging of the tail told me that he is a friendly dog and I have passed him on my way to a work out in the past. But today was different, today he was just in the middle of the path and I had cross over him and I was afraid that he might bite me….Another gym enthusiast came to my rescue and we crossed over him….others too had to walk over the dog. Unlike us the dog was least interested to move, he was enjoying the warmth of the ground and the winter chill.

Selfie Narcissist Time —- its always felt that selfie is more a millennial thing, absolutely wrong. Gen Y & Gen X is equally indulging in this craze. I was walking down the road and seen a guy on the bike, he stopped his bike and started taking a selfie, it looked so hilarious J. Frankly I don’t understand the selfie craze. You can see groups of people or singles either pouting, putting on a funny face, or adjusting their phone and clicking a pic. These people forget the company & freinds they have the with and are busy clicking pictures of themselves to upload on social media.

Garam Chai – Sipping a tea in a Udipi joint I look around, the place looks empty. Its not time for business yet. Then a guy in shorts could easily be passed off as a delivery boy sat at the adjoining table, took out a local language newpaper and started reading. One look and I am thinking,,, doing time pass will drink a tea and go off. Then another person entered restaurant and set across at another table, he was a serious kind of a person and into his phone. The waiter went to him with the Menu card – he just looked up at the waiter (Angry Young man)– cold stare, no words from his lips. I thought how rude if he didn’t want to order anything he can just say it. Alas how wrong were my impressions of both these individuals. The waiter placed food at the newspaper guys table- a complete meal. In a few minutes the waiter kept some idli before the angry young man. All this while I was looking at them but had no clue when and how they placed the order. I realized that perception built within minutes can be incorrect.

Joyce Meyer – Story of the prodigal son where the younger son is sulking when there is feasting when the elder son returns home. This hatred was not built in a day, it built up over a number of years and manifested in unhappiness on the feast prepared for his brother.

Life Truth. Forgiveness is not a feeling but an action, so don’t wait for the feeling to forgive, just forgive and let the feeling catch up.

Rickety Ride: A road leading to a very posh locality will finally be made up. Currently in no man lands, thousands of vehicles ply via this road on a daily basis. Yet no one was willing to take responsibility to construct and maintain the road. Finally there are signs and unconfirmed statements that the road will be constructed and commuters can have a peace of mind to reach their destinations without any major injuries.  Roughly over month ago-some mountain stones were offloaded on the path, and still continue to remain in their heap. Iron barriers and the unofficial toll is now taken away. Where there is a will there is a way. So hopefully the upcoming elections prompt the authorities to complete the much needed road in quick time.

Tchau Tchau!!!



It’s that time of the year to reflect and thank for the year gone by.

This just seems like routine now to be thankful at the end of the year. Why do we wait till the end of the year to be grateful, is it that the festive season makes us more grateful or is it that we are not as grateful during the year for all the things in our life. I think it’s a bit of both, in today’s fast paced life we often forget to stop and take in everything that is happening to us and in life. We ignore the small blessings in life and take things for granted. The end of the year is a good time to pause, rewind and build the gratitude list, but if we only did it more often the world would be a much better place. I too am guilty as charged.

2016 has been a wonderful year, it has given me experiences, memories, love, sorrow, sadness, self-realization joy, peace and much more. These are all adjectives you say, yes they are – and I have been able to experience all of these and I have some wonderful things & situation in life. I have always pondered why do we need to have sadness, loneliness and sorrow in life the answer came to me In many small experiences , unless a wave hits a low there is no way it can rise. Similarly in order to experience happiness and joy one has to endure sadness and sorrow it’s only then we can enjoy the bliss of these experiences. Its only when u endure the valleys is when u can enjoy the view from the hilltop.

This year, I am thankful for all the good the bad and the ugly that has happened in my life as this has made me the person who I am today. The deicisons I made or didn’t make has defined my life this year. I am thankful for all those who have come in my life, decided to stay or move on in life. I thank those who may have decided to move out of life, their purpose in my life is done and I may not need them in my life anymore. I especially thank those who continue to be part my life. I am grateful for a house on my head, for Gods continued blessings on my life. Thankful for my family for the fights and fun moments that we have together.

Jan to Dec this year has been very eventful, even though not every wish was granted I got what I deserved and in some cases more than I dreamt of. This year has taught me to be more accepting of myself and has taught me how to celebrate my existence.

This is not the end of the world with the end of 2016, this year has been kind, I know that the New Year will be even better with loads of blessings.  Goodbye 2016 let bygones and be bygones and Welcome 2017, looking forward to an exciting journey!!

A Dogs Tale


We were on a boat ride on the beautiful backwaters…we could see the sea connecting to the backwaters in the distance. The setting was perfect, the small motor boat moved along to the beach between the backwaters and the sea.  The sun was beginning to rise higher in the sky, all the passengers onboard were enjoying the slow ride, the rhythmic whirring of the motorboat added to the sense of relaxation.

The dingy motorboat had people from all over the country and some foreigners too, so even though we didn’t understand each other there was a sense of camaraderie and fun and understanding. It didn’t matter who was clicking pictures and who was getting captured in the lens, who was talking louder… I looked around and saw that everyone was at peace and were joining the cool breeze.

Just as we were nearing the beach, there was a lot of commotion at the helm of the boat, everyone peered to see what the problem was. It turned out that there was a prairie dog in the water. All of us were amused and wondering where the dog came from since the land was distance away.. did he fall of a boat, did the tide pull him in the water, how long had the dog been swimiing, it just didn’t make sense. Our boatman decided to rescue the poor dog lest he would drown. The dog appeared to be equally amused at seeing us, he appeared to be floating in the water, the boatman steered the boat towards the dog, others in the boat tried to grab the dog but to no avail. One of the passengers made a lasso out of a rope, and tried to catch the dog in it. However the dog started paddling even harder, and in the wrong direction and away from the boat.

The Dog turned and looked at us as if to say, “Guys what are you doing let me go my way”. It just didn’t make sense, the dog padded harder and started moving towards another side of the river bank. Since the dog was persistent and didn’t want to come onto the boat, the boatman just decided to guide him close to the shore before we went our way.

Finally the dog went his way and we proceeded on our earlier trajectory.

This incident was very amusing, we wanted to help the dog and were concerned that it would drown. The dog however was determined to follow its path and didn’t feel the need to take our help. I thought about it and said, sometimes in life, we are like the dog, we are in a difficult situation, and we have a plan and follow it to the tee.  It’s good to be persistent and focused in life but times life gives us such help/freebies however we miss them or avoid taking help from them. Life can be a litter more easy if we just reach out to people around us and ask for help. We don’t have to conquer everything ourselves and that’s why we have people around us. We can’t always get there with our own strength and need people on along the way. Similarly we should help others in their journey of life.

Ever since that incident I have been intrigued if the dog reached the river banks safely, if only we gave life and others a chance…….

Life is life!!


Life is a roller coaster ride

With its up and downs like tides

Its upto us how we live it

Whether we live or quit


Life can be hard at times

With its sadness mimes

And its nasty blows

And so many go with the flows


Have you thought for once?

That this is billion dollar chance

To live life to the fullest

Or to journey in life clueless


Adversity holds us by the tongs

And we hold on to the past for too long

You have the answer to it all

And you can rise after every fall

All it takes is an attitude

And live the beatitude


Turn your hopes on high

For you are mighty like an Eagle

Flap out your wings and soar in the sky

and don’t worry about the niggles

And when the sky darkens

And if adversity harkens

Just fly over the stormy weather

and glide through life like a feather.


Have you thought for once?

That this is billion dollar chance

To live life to the fullest

Or to journey in life clueless

Life is life, give it the best.









She willed it to ring, but it didn’t. The cell phone was dead silent. Akiya tried to busy herself in the household chores, but kept checking the phone every 5 mins. What if she missed his call or message, she didn’t want to leave anything to chance. She wanted to speak to him but didn’t have the courage to call him. What if he thinks differently?

They had spent the entire day together but she wanted more. It was nothing spectacular, just the routine movie and dinner and some conversations in between. She had begun noticing in the last few outings that he was showing signs of disinterest but she didn’t bring up the topic lest he gets angry and stops talking with her. Zack, he was the life of her world, she could just sit next to him and enjoy his companionship without speaking much.

Her phone beeped just as she was about to fall asleep. She leaped out of bad, it was message from Zack. It’s over. What did he mean it’s over, did he send the message by mistake, did he mean that he whatever he was doing,was over. What was it.. she had loads of question racing through her head. She was fiddling with the phone trying to muster the courage to call him and ask him what it meant. I better message him, it’s so late to call she reasoned …..just as she was thinking what to do, her phone beeped again…its over between us, I am moving on… she couldn’t believe her eyes, she read and re read the message again and again..but nothing changed. Her most dreaded nightmare was in front of her…She didn’t know what to do she was numb to the sensation in her heart…..What did he mean, they just met a few hours earlier, was he trying to tell her something during the day hence he seemed distracted, did he find someone else…..did she do something to hurt him….Almost as a reflex she responded back, did I do something wrong or hurt you…but the phone bore stoic silence….it was almost an hour after she finally broke down..She knew this was going to happen but she was unwilling to accept it.

As she cried herself to sleep she wondered where the relationship had begun to break away….She got up the next morning and checked her phone, maybe he was joking or drunk but there was no message. As she showered she thought that she should call him and confront him. She called and called but her calls went straight to the voicemail. Akiya felt that her entire world came crumbling down. She had weaved her entire life around Zack her dreams and every living moment was for him. Suddenly her life had no meaning. Her friends circle dwindled during her relationship with Zack as he was her world. What is the point she thought, it would be days nay months before she could finally get herself to accept it.

One day as she was sitting in the park she saw a family with a baby, who was crawling and was making an attempt to stand but would fall down after every 2-3 steps, but that didn’t stop the baby from getting up again and again and making repeated attempts, even though the baby kept falling down. Akiya was amused, it was the first time in weeks that she had smiled. It was 4weeks since the last message, she had cried herself to sleep every day. Looking at the baby she had renewed strength, she came back home and looked around her house, it looked like a mess.

She decided it was time to take control of life, she had loved Zack dearly, but he chose to leave in the most unacceptable way, he was not worthy of her love. She was worth much more and could do much more. Akiya decided to take one day at a time and slowly she got into a rhythmic routine. Then it happened she bumped into Zack at a shopping mall. All her feelings welled up, she felt, anger, anxiety, curiosity, helplessness all at the same time. She opened her mouth to speak but words failed her. Zack looked at her and put his head down. Akiya had been dreading this encounter and hence had been preparing herself for it. Nothing can prepare you but your own mind and heart. Zack hung his head and tried walking past. Akiya caught hold of his arm and slapped him across his face. He was shocked but didn’t say anything others around were shocked as well and didn’t know what happened.

Tears rolled down Akiya’s cheek she had told herself that she would forgive him for everything but it was hard to forget what he had done to her. She walked briskly towards the park only again to be encountered by the baby who making attempts to stand up and it appeared that the baby was now taking steps without falling down….That’s it!!!I have to be strong, I am not perfect and not everything will go as planned but along as I get up every time I fall. I will survive.

Happy Friendship Day!!

Friendship day

When I look back at time

I am glad I have a few who I call mine

Some people come and go

Some will remain in the hearts core

Those who left were not mean

But it was their time to leave

Thank God for those few

Who light up life anew

I am Blessed with friends like you

Coz forever to me you are true

I am glad you chose to stay

For your friendship I can never pay

Thank You for just being there

Showering me with your love and care

Happy Friendship Day!!!