A Dogs Tale


We were on a boat ride on the beautiful backwaters…we could see the sea connecting to the backwaters in the distance. The setting was perfect, the small motor boat moved along to the beach between the backwaters and the sea.  The sun was beginning to rise higher in the sky, all the passengers onboard were enjoying the slow ride, the rhythmic whirring of the motorboat added to the sense of relaxation.

The dingy motorboat had people from all over the country and some foreigners too, so even though we didn’t understand each other there was a sense of camaraderie and fun and understanding. It didn’t matter who was clicking pictures and who was getting captured in the lens, who was talking louder… I looked around and saw that everyone was at peace and were joining the cool breeze.

Just as we were nearing the beach, there was a lot of commotion at the helm of the boat, everyone peered to see what the problem was. It turned out that there was a prairie dog in the water. All of us were amused and wondering where the dog came from since the land was distance away.. did he fall of a boat, did the tide pull him in the water, how long had the dog been swimiing, it just didn’t make sense. Our boatman decided to rescue the poor dog lest he would drown. The dog appeared to be equally amused at seeing us, he appeared to be floating in the water, the boatman steered the boat towards the dog, others in the boat tried to grab the dog but to no avail. One of the passengers made a lasso out of a rope, and tried to catch the dog in it. However the dog started paddling even harder, and in the wrong direction and away from the boat.

The Dog turned and looked at us as if to say, “Guys what are you doing let me go my way”. It just didn’t make sense, the dog padded harder and started moving towards another side of the river bank. Since the dog was persistent and didn’t want to come onto the boat, the boatman just decided to guide him close to the shore before we went our way.

Finally the dog went his way and we proceeded on our earlier trajectory.

This incident was very amusing, we wanted to help the dog and were concerned that it would drown. The dog however was determined to follow its path and didn’t feel the need to take our help. I thought about it and said, sometimes in life, we are like the dog, we are in a difficult situation, and we have a plan and follow it to the tee.  It’s good to be persistent and focused in life but times life gives us such help/freebies however we miss them or avoid taking help from them. Life can be a litter more easy if we just reach out to people around us and ask for help. We don’t have to conquer everything ourselves and that’s why we have people around us. We can’t always get there with our own strength and need people on along the way. Similarly we should help others in their journey of life.

Ever since that incident I have been intrigued if the dog reached the river banks safely, if only we gave life and others a chance…….


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