There’s a Thunder in the wind


There is a thunder in the wind…

It’s pouring cats and dogs

But I wonder where are the frogs?

Slashing rains everywhere

It just feels that the rains just don’t care


The rains have made everything afresh

There is the smell of the mud

But there is a worry of the flood..

There is Greenery everywhere

And there are potholes here and there


Its wonderful to have the rains….

It’s been raining throughout the night

And my my the rains are not light

There’s water everywhere

People are stuck here and there…


The roof is leaking tip tip tip….

I don’t know how dry to keep

Thunder tells me it’s not over yet

I wonder what happens to your pet

Its lightning that I am afraid of

And wish I could make it go like puff…


Its rainy season so I can’t complain

It will and has to rain…

Yes I do love the rains

But sometimes it adds to peoples pains


I have decided to enjoy the weather

watch birds clean their feather.

Sail some paper boats

Enjoy some coffee and toast…

I will look for the rainbow

for now I will watch the rain show…

But for now there is a thunder in the wind…


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