Hello Brother!

Dekh Bhai

What’s with age, with all the greying hair, I have begun to accept that age is just a number, but how fit one is actually what makes you age.

Nonetheless a lot of people are very conscious about their age and at times have stated to despair their birthdays as it adds to their age….LOL..

I always thought it was the women who always tried to hide their age, or were very sensitive to their age. To be fair I was taken aback when a few years ago when a kid for the 1st time called me Aunty, back then I was still in college, and I was offended by it. A few years later when my friends got married and had kids it was weird when my friend referred to me as Aunty, but it was a reality a fact, that I was an Aunty there was no escape from it. I was no longer a college kid hanging around the college katta.

Today, the word Aunty does not bother me at all. But this write up is not about me. It’s something that amused me a few weeks back, this too in my usual rickshaw rides.

I was on my way, in a share rickshaw. It was late in the night I had a long day and was looking forward to go home. On that day a man, a lady and myself, 3 strangers that were sharing the rickshaw. The rick guy looked like a local. The journey went on in silence for about 5 mins, then the lady wanted to get off so she signaled the rickshaw driver and said “Uncle, stop the rickshaw” I got off to let the lady get off from the rickshaw and thought nothing about it. As we moved further, the rickshaw driver started talking to the man in rickshaw saying, “How old do you think the lady was, she is my mothers age, and look at her she is calling me uncle. Can’t she see her age and my age, she thinks she can call everyone uncle”. The man sitting next to me just smiled out of politeness. The rickshaw driver continued and said. How old do you think I am? I am only 27 years old!” – I smiled because he looked much older and this could have been because of his body type, he looked at least 8 to 10 years older. The rickshaw driver continued and said,” I had a fight with a lady last week. She called me Bhau, (which means brother). That lady was a granny, all her teeth were just about fallen, she calls me Bhau, so I call her aaji – (granny) She was furious that I called her granny, I told her what is your age, that you are calling me Bhau, do I look as old as you. You are almost the age of my granny so why shouldn’t I call you granny?. The auto rickshaw guy scoffed and continued talking. “People who cannot take it from others should not talk like that, if you talk or address others in a particular manner you should be prepared to face the replay as well.”

Next it was my turn to get off, but as I got off, I had an amusing smile on my face, how much touchiness on the topic of age. Does it matter what the rickshaw guy got addressed as long as it was not disrespectful. Hmmmm may  that’s it the rickshaw guy felt disrespectful about how he was being addressed.

So now I am very careful when I hail a rickshaw or that matter interact with strangers to how I address them. You never know who can get offended.

But what the heck, age is just a number, go ahead and enjoy the happiness of now!



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