Up an Alley….


I have a dream…..well its actually a far-fetched dream…it’s a recurring dream…it’s a dream that I can see with my eyes open…J

I am driving in my Aston Martin silver metallic car…whirring at a speed where my thoughts are gone with the wind….its nothing but sheer pleasure….

Driving past quaint streets of Tuscany towards the picturesque countryside.….While slowing down a bit at the twist and curves of the pathways…The journey is quite liberating……

The beautiful meadows…… almost feels like the green pastures lulling to the breeze. My Aston Martin makes headway towards no destination in particular, the sole purpose is to explore the countryside and enjoy the ride…..The car purrs along almost as though in acknowledgment of  my views of the countryside…

Almost everything seems in perfect harmony…..No Snarling traffic, no honking motorist, most importantly no road rage….This is just an endless road with gorgeous farms and pastures on both sides of the road…

A little ahead I can see cows mooing on my right and almost in contrast are a herd of horses on my left….Contrast because the cows are generally timid and tame in nature….versus the strong vibrant horses….I slowly glide the car down the road and bring it to a halt and take in this picturesque beauty…….I stayed long enough for the cows and horses to gawk at me..then I decided that it was time to leave. I pushed the pedal and was on my way. The Ashton was now speeding a high speed, but it didn’t matter, the road was empty with no sign of life anywhere. And all I was doing was following the direction of the sun…Nothing would come between me and my Aston.


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