Gracias!! Time to burn the Old Man.


As the last day of the year draws to an end, even as we prepare to welcome the new, I felt it necessary to introspect and look back on the year that has gone by.

I don’t think I am good at maintaining a gratitude journal but I am grateful and thankful for all the things this year had to offer.

This year has been full of surprises, a lot of changes, new friends and most importantly a better understanding of self with lots of introspection.

I would be naive if I didn’t agree that I have had to endure the valleys, but it’s rightfully said that “it’s when you go through the valleys that you can enjoy the view from the mountain top” I have realized that as I ventured in the valleys the journey in the valley is beautiful. Life is a journey and not a destination, so enjoy the journey. I have tried to enjoy the journey and not just the destination this year. Instead of wondering around in a fast paced life, I have decided to enjoy, stop still, enjoy the abstract sights, smile at random scenes, pay more attention to the surroundings and cherish them for their existence, most importantly to appreciate a lot of things and people around me.

This year has taught me to be more appreciative of myself and foster a closer friendship with my being. I have always caught myself going out of my way for others, doing things even if it meant discomforting myself, but I wouldn’t do it for myself. I asked myself the question in half amusement saying that why would I do it for others but really would not go out of my way to do it myself…..why?? What I realized that I had taken myself for granted while I would do it for others I would not really think a great deal about myself, which meant that I didn’t think it was worth it….That’s where I had to purposely decide to treat myself and value myself more and deem myself more worthy.

I have a lot to be Gracias and Merci for……this year has introduced new twists and turns in my plot of life. This year has been a foundation of change and the New Year only holds a lot of treasures to be unlocked.

It’s time to burn the everything that is old (read old man), things that no longer add value (don’t matter), things that are negative. It is only when we do away with the old is when we expect something new. Have you ever heard of someone buying a new dress and keeping it in the cupboard and still wearing the old dress? It does not make sense, but some of us do exactly that hoping that the new dress is for a better occasions. But in reality there is no better moment than now to put on the new dress and burn the old. No one pours more tea or water in an overflowing cup, you have to empty yourself of all the old stuff which has been built over the years. I love the story of the rotten potatoes which explains exactly how we tend to behave in our everyday life.

Gracias this year for a healthy life and for all things that I take for granted. Thank You for teaching some lessons in life which have made me wiser; for stirring up beautiful beginnings in my life and for my friends who continue to be stronger in my life and for all the blessings that have come their way. I have created some amazing memories in the past year and I won’t trade them for anything…..

Thank You for being a Blessing!!! I have enjoyed the joy ride……There is nothing more that I could have asked for you. I look forward to the New Year I know that there are still some stinking potatoes that I need to get rid off. I realize it’s a process, however I have decided to enjoy the journey and accept life whole heartedly.

Gracias!! Old Year and Welcome New Year!! 🙂


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