Night flight. Jet aircraft over the sea at dusk.

I was all set for my holiday… it was a long awaited vacation and I was looking forward to it for some time……

My baggage in tow I was headed to the check in counter. The crew member sweetly asked me if I would prefer a window seat and I said yes…with my baggage handed over, I waited to board the flight..

I was on my way to the amazing Goa…..Go Goa Gone as some would like to say :-)….

I was seated near the window near the wings.. as we took off, I had the most breath-taking view of Mumbai, the take-off was so smooth I didn’t realize that we were en route and in air already….The Pilot must have been a good spirit and was showing off his flying skills.:-) 🙂 He tilted the plane to one side and announced the Mumbai sea line view. It was the most breath-taking view I have seen from a flight. I could hear the engine vrooming but that meant nothing because the view was so breath taking…I could see the sand line, the gentle waves smashing against the sand rocks…it almost felt that the sea was being rocked to sleep…..or better still the seashore and sea were waltzing to a beautiful song….

The flight was the best ever, it seemed that we just took off and were ready to land in no time…it was a perfect landing…

As we drove down the roads of Goa.. the topography difference is noticeable…colourful houses…pink, yellow, red, green you name it and you will get a match for the colour shade card…

A gentle rain started to fall and I could hear the pitter patter rain drops…there was more tingling the swish of the air, it was a strong whiff of wind that hit my face time to time…..The smell of the sea was in the air and I knew my vacation was going to be awesome…

It’s a difficult choice to make between Goa and Kerala (Gods own city) as I like both cities, but my heart is towards Goa….This place is almost magical…..The sussegad (lazy slow) life and fast (pub / night life ) culture co exists….

The greenery during the rains were made for some beautiful Instagram moments… Life is awesome……


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