Where the streets have no name…


The sun is just about rising. I can see the rays far away in the horizon. I am in my bedroom balcony sipping on my tea. I begin to feel the gentle warmth of the sun on me. “Its a lazy Sunday“, I tell myself. so no jogging today…my heart is restless and I need to do something …Something different from my regular Sunday slumber..What?? I ask myself

A faint voice from within me says explore & feel the city moments. I knew exactly what I yearned for.. I packed my bag, dressed in a jiffy…quickly packed a sandwich for a quick bite….Gently closed my door and walked towards my Porsche.

There she was waiting for as though she knew that I would venture out…She started instantly and very soon we were zooming down the street..with the wind blowing gently in my face…we drove down the narrow lanes. I stopped at the kerb and saw a beautiful bird. quickly i grabbed my camera from the bag and was able to click the beautiful creature..All I yearned for is to capture the moments in my camera. The blue, yellow houses by the street beckoned me. Today the regular wayside cafe didn’t interest me…all I wanted to do was be soaked in the beauty of the day..I continued to drive around the city clicking anything that amused or interested me. Weather it was a group of children playing ball in the backyard. A fountain flowing by itself..or simply the bare tree that had no more leaves to shed..finally it was late afternoon and I was beginning to get hungry…I drove towards the city’s lakeside. I drove towards the quaint place…The stream was gurgling by as I was snacking on the sandwich.. the butterflies kept me company and were not camera shy.. I was able to get some good shots of them..:-) Finally it was beginning to get a bit late.and chilly.. I decided to get back to the warmth of my home…I glided the Porsche in the garage…and i was just about to open my front door when I heard the door bells…ringing..the ringing continued to get louder and louder..than suddenly I snapped…It took me sometime to realize that I was still in bed and my alarm clock was ringing..all the beautiful sights.. the Porsche and everything was a dream…

I was disappointed that my dream ended.. but I told my self..“I have another day to make my dream a reality” and I start humming the song.. “Where the streets have no name”…


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