Yeah.. I know that I am a little late in writing this one…but it was too good not to write…Roger Federer…is the king of Grass again…winning the Wimbledon title again equaling Sampras’s feat of wining the same number of Wimbledon titles..Regaining the number one position!!!!!! this something that all critics…thought he would never be able to do it again while we have djovic, Nadal, Tsonga and Murray all in the running for the number one spot…But Federers..sheer grit and hunger to continue playing at the next level is what saw him through….Yeah while I agree at the final Federer was a pale shadow of the past.. but his endurance and his willingness to go the extra mile is what helped him succeed even in the pressure situation…..So let me end by saying…if Pete Sampras ruled Tennis during his era ….Federer is doing the same in his time… we only have to wait for an Olympic Medal which is the only honor missing in Federer’s Kitty…some wishful thinking…. :-)


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