Customer Service!!!!!!

I recently went to the supermarket with my friend to buy regular grocery. While there we were browsing and shopping through different sections. Going in one aisle and out the other it almost felt like a maze :-)….there is something about the supermarket that I enjoy not necessarily the buying….but more so looking at people buying and loading up their carts…(like on flipkart you have the add to cart concept) 🙂 and trying to do so in a hurry…its heartful to see that the weekly / daily grocery shopping not what it used to be,,where the women of the house used to go to do the grocery shopping…but the reality is more and more of these supermarkets are visited by families….husbands and wives with kids in tow…The modern working couple make the most of shopping together in this busy fast paced schedule….

Yeah I do relish the regular traditional bazaar where you   will typically find what I call the saas- bahu housewives making a beeline to buy their regular stuff..but what I have noticed that its not necessarily the shopping that these women enjoy but the gossiping that they get the most fun out of…..These women relish in the juiciest and the most recent gossip in the neighborhood J right from so and so did this to so and so ancestral roots are xyz to what happened in the previous nights serials :-)…sometimes I believe that this bazaar shopping is more a stress reliever for those housewives.. who have little or no access to the real world and continue to live in a world of make believe and…spinning tales…

Ok to so go back to my experience at the supermarket…how often  do you walk into a supermarket and leave with a smile on face???…very rarely….but I did…while we were browsing some shelves for a particular sauce we couldn’t find it…so just asked the customer care guy to see if he could locate the sauce..he looked around rummaged a bit in the shelves..and said  that its not there but will check and see if they had in the storeroom and asked us if we would be around shopping..we answered in the affirmative…we forgot about the sauce and customer service guy…since we were not expecting him to come back to us..nearly an hour later…this guys walks up to my friend and says “Madam, sauce” for a moment in the midst of all the shopping we had forgotten all about the sauce…I have never had a customer service person come back with a solution to my request..especially when the product was not on the shelf…I was very impressed!!!! he not only provided customer service..but ensured that we should visit the supermarket for this sole experience!!!!…we just said Thank You and left… that I write about it I am thinking how often does it happen that you get a service like that..not that he didn’t have work….he was refilling his inventory…the trouble he took to check if the sauce was in stock and then to hunt us down..even though an hour had passed…I think any other customer service person would not have bothered about it….but him he went out of his way to do it……….I am impressed thoroughly!!!!


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