People say that goodbyes are always painful….whether its for the good or otherwise….we are lucky we can choose people we want to have in our lives but we may not always be able to make them stay forever….sometimes you just have to thank God that you were able to meet them in your journey of life…experience things differently that you may not have been able to experience otherwise…..

There are some people who touch our lives in such a way that we are never ever the same again…these are the kind of people you want to have around you at all times…come happiness or sorrow..they will stand by you…in good times and bad like an Oak tree…like they say…hare ek dost jaruri hota hain”…similarly you need to have all kinds of people in your life…who teach you different things at different points of time….they just stick with you no matter what….

Sometimes you have to let go of people in your life because they are like parasites and just draw on your energy..and will not move out of your life unless you shake them out of your life….Its a tough to let go of people you dearly love….but sometimes you have to make those choices for your own good….

There are times when we know we may never meet the person again…there are some that we may meet again…but the feeling is never the same again…

Is there a guide to overcome the sadness of Goodbyes?..I don’t know if there is one..all  I know is that everything happens for a reason…there is a reason why you and I exist…there is reason why you and I are where we are in this point of life….like Shakespeare rightly said “All worlds a stage”.  People leave footprints in our hearts,,,some will tear us apart….but in all this we grow as people we draw on a strength we never knew existed within us…we realize that we can fly solo…

What I learnt is that Goodbyes and Farewells are not meant to be painful..they can just be a new beginning to a new world..that we didn’t know stop mopping around and start looking for the silver lining in the cloud…..look for the new challenges…and new opportunities…life is too short too live in the past and it is pointless worrying about the future because it is a mirage…so go on make the most of the present…

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back than it is yours; if it doesn’t it never was…..


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