Freakonomics 🙂 Yeah that’s what I like calling our economics. Ever wondered why one day we have good roads, and suddenly the next day they are all dug up all over again…what happened in one night..looks like there was an earthquake..that swallowed up the road and now all that we have left pot holes all over…(literally you have to search for the roads)….Last week I was very happy coz after many months the roads were all done..and I was like thank God just in time before the rains….but alas my joy was too shortlived..  coz the very next day after road was done…there was a gaping hole right in the middle of the road..what happened there I have no clue….. That’s when I decided to start rationalizing the entire incident and tried to make some economic sense. This is what I am explaining in this write up Freakonomics. In college I had learnt that in order for the economy to be good there should be good spending power..and my hypothesis is just that…the government is creating employment…how that works you ask me…well this is how….You have the 1st set of workers come and dig up the road…the next set of workers put in wires..remove some stuff do whatever that is that they have to….then you have the next set up the road..fill the hole with mud…there is purchase of raw material such as stones…tar etc…then you have the rollers and other huge machinery at work…and then when you start enjoying the new then see a group of workers…digging up all over again…and now they have to put in some more wires….and the entire (vicious) cycle the government has created (artificial) employment so there is increased spending/ purchasing power..created a demand for raw material…this leads to a healthy economics..inflation is then in control… I don’t mind the digging and filling of roads or the creation of employment…what I don’t understand is why dig up roads that are perfectly fine..why don’t you use the laborers and raw material on roads where it is extremely necessary… Like Laxman says it I am common man with very common thoughts and cannot strategize like the politician…all I think of where is my road gone…”Country road take me home to the place I belong……”


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