Random Thoughts….

In this present era of strife and tribulation…its always difficult to find something good to smile about…However I believe there are small moments…. little moments…. that help in getting a smile on your face… 🙂

Just the other day I was travelling in a Bus and noticed that a rickshaw had broken down in peak traffic and on an uphill road……Out of the blue from behind came another rickshaw who was plying his passenger to his destination…seen the trouble that this rickshaw guy had problems with pushing the rickshaw and without batting an eye…just started pushing his rickshaw…with his leg. giving momentum. for the other rickshaw to move…

On the same day in the evening…I noticed something similar. Where a passenger got out of the rickshaw and started pushing the rickshaw along with the driver….so as to give it a run up start :-)….these are common men…helping in very ordinary situations’. How often we may have seen that when a biker meets with an accident in an instant you will have other biker’s help the hurting soul. They will do everything possible right from checking if the biker is hurt to see if the bike is allright…:-):-) where does this Humanitarian come from…these are little things that we miss seeing in our busy day to day life…if only took the time to enjoy this small things and smile and make a difference where possible……the world will be a different place..it will be a place of heaven on earth!!!!!!…

While I am still at my random thoughts…couldn’t help writing about the weather….The treetops are raging red….it is the onset of Monsoon…early morning is cloudy…and rain Gods..are just about threatening to open the flood gates….the air smells different….the birds are chirping…its transition of 2 seasons…God has planned it so well…just after the sultry hot summer…there is respite in the rain…very similar to our life it is only after we are down in the valley and endured the hardships there that we are rewarded with the beauty at the Mountain top….another week to 10 days I am sure we will have pre monsoon showers which will mark the beginning of the rains….

Eagerly looking forward to the rains…to the smell of wet Mud….to the new greenery….everywhere…to a new life altogether!!!!!!!!!


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